Islands 05/29/19


Jul 20, 2016
San Diego
One More Cast
Cobia Center Console, Key West Center Console, Parker 2320
Just a quick recap for those interested. Got a late start and left Mission Bay Jetty at 10ish. Decent 4-6 dines at barge. Off we went in 3-4 foot swells. Water was 63 down the point and turned to 64.5 approaching and at the islands. Saw many ponies on the way out. Water didn’t look super dirty, but still greenish blue. Trolled around north island for nada. Couple of sporties were moving around quite a bit. Tough day fishing as we scratched out some bottom dwellers and one small yellow(on dropper loop. Ha!)at middle grounds(all released). Started to head further south and the water got colder and the wind picked up so we headed back around 3. Hopefully it’s starting to turn around. They can’t all be paydays, but hanging with my boy on the water is a day we’ll spent.

A64FB15A-14F8-47F1-8FDE-9601056EBD48.jpeg B32FF601-C0DA-43DB-AFF4-19997D396477.jpeg