Offshore Islander 1.5 Day-10-31


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Jan 30, 2006
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I grew up in California and fished out of San Diego for years. Moved to Florida 25 years ago and still make it out every other year or so. On 10-28, found out my meetings for Friday cancelled and my son had the day off of High School. Looked at the schedule and saw the Islander had some openings. Quickly booked plane tickets and signed up for the trip. Went through all my tackle and quickly converted it from Florida fishing to West coast fishing. It is a big difference.

Had never been on the Islander (my dad was on a bunch of trips when it was the Red Rooster). Made it to San Diego around 2 pm on Friday and we boarded around 7:30 pm. Boat layout is great. Met the Captain (Peter), the second (Palmer), the deckhands Brodie, John and David and the chef and his assistant (Eric and Jake). Cannot say enough good things about the Captain and the Crew. Very well run operation. Captain is very fishy and if you needed anything, second and deckhands were right there for you. Boat was run as well as any long range boat I have been on. Food was fantastic.

The Fishing-made it to Tanner Bank around 6:30 am. Drove around a bit before anchoring up along with 20 or so other boats. Steady pick all day. You had to put in your time at the rail. If you did, you were rewarded. Pete caught the standout fish around 80-100lbs. 2/3rds of the fish were 30-50lbs with the rest being the 12-20lb class. 20-30lb test line worked the best with a 1/0 or 2/0 ringed circle hook. A few were hooked on coltsnipers. We were not able to get any fish on flat falls or sinker rigs. Everything was on fly line bait. Final tally was 56 Bluefin and 1 yellowtail for 31 anglers. Son and I caught out limit. Smallest was 35lbs and largest was 45lbs.

One last note, one of the deckhands, David, helped rig up our flat fall setups on Friday night. Had not gotten his name yet. He was really quick and showed my son a great way of rigging a sinker rig. He, along with all of the crew, were helping people rig up. the next day, I was up on the bow flylining a bait, when I see his t-shirt. It says David Choate Construction. I asked if he worked for David and his response was "I am David". Well, now I feel really stupid. I met David 15 or so years ago when I got back into long range fishing. Had a few chats with him via PM on these boards about how to be prepared. Despite, that, I didn't recognize him. David (Wahoodad) is a true professional and is so eager to share his knowledge. He, along with the entire crew, made it an awesome trip for us.

If you get a chance to fish the Islander, do it. You will have a great time.

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Feb 24, 2003
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very nice! :appl:

sounds like a great short vacation. East coast to Tanner bank for limits of BFT and back home within a few days? Wow......thats just awesome.

and I agree about fishing with Dave........I have yet to meet an angler more passionate about fishing, AND more willing to share their knowledge with others.

Congrats and thanks for the report! :D
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