Offshore Island yellows/Inshore bluefin



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Jul 20, 2004
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That’s sick, we ran over 200 miles two weeks ago and missed the bites. Thank you for the report.
Don't feel bad. I was 50 miles west of the bite and ran back to it only to have it fizzle in front of us. A few schools popped up, but they were beaten down. I listened to every broadcast. People getting broke off. miles of foamers. fish landed. People needing ice. There was a kid in a 17ft whaler with 2x150# fish and no ice. I'd given him 150# of shaved for a fillet for my crew,

Back at it next week
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I'm not superstitious... cuz it's bad luck.
  • Aug 6, 2016
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    I know a couple guys...
    Awesome to see some producing numbers (and ice) go the way of two of the most generous guys posting reports in the SD offshore forum.

    Appreciate this report and all the other timely ones you two post, the sharing of your GPS number so often, and the clear responses to the questions.

    Well Fukin' Done Boys!

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    Jeff Hannah

    Sep 9, 2016
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    I was out this day and heard you on the radio, thank you for giving out numbers and helping to get everyone on the fish we stopped short of you guys on some other breezing/jumping tuna and we proceeded to chase them around for an hr or two then ran out of time and had to get back home no luck for us . Wish I would have kept going to the numbers you gave out!

    We also had a similar route/plan Nados in the morning for yellows/ big bonito then patty yellows and bluefin afternoon . However our yellows were tiny and the bluefin gave us the finger from just out of casting range and it sounds like we went outside and you went inside, we picked the wrong school and direction ...
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    Apr 29, 2004
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    OMG those are biggest calicos I've ever seen! My condolences for your coltsniper. Too bad that little fish scratched it all up- bad fishy!

    Holy smokes! Thought you got one- Glad you got 2- absolutely insane!!!!!!!!!!!! That fricken area- N-west of islands- in view of the pt? ...freekin nuts to have pools of foamers so close.
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    Jan 7, 2020
    San Diego
    Left SD bay around 6 with my good buddy Michael and a killer scoop of deans. We headed to the islands with plans to get a few yellows then poke around offshore to try and find a tuna. With the current moon phase I had a feeling that we may find some bluefin and the water temp and color was looking good close to the islands.

    We arrived at the islands and found clean 63 to 64 degree water and scattered fish around the ribbon kelp area. Michael hooked up on bait and while fighting his fish a spot of yellows blow up and I am able to hang a nice one on the jig.View attachment 1283625
    We continued to search but it seemed like the fish went down so we made the call to check offshore around 11. On our way west a whale watching boat called out some numbers of full on foamers so we made the 5 mile run to the area. Thanks again to the captain of that boat!!

    On our way to the numbers we started to see spots of big fish in the distance. These were all 100 plus fish and there were foamers up as far as we could see. The first hour we chased these fish but never had a school stay up to get a good cast on.

    Finally after about an hour we found a spot that stayed up and I was able to get bit on a solid fish. I fought the fish for about 20 min before the hook pulled. We regrouped and off to the next spot. Michael and I were able to both hook up on the next foamer but his hook pulled but my stayed pinned. I was able to get this fish to the boat in about 15 min on the long rod and was stoked to see how big it actually was when we got it in the boat.View attachment 1283627View attachment 1283628

    We took care of the fish and got it packed in the bag and we're off to get Michael one. We found another spot shortly after and Michael was bit instantly on my jigstick. This fish was mean and took a solid hour but we finally were able to kill it. I'll let him post up the pics as they are on his phone. With no more room for fish and running low on ice we headed for home. Thanks to the captain that hooked it up with some ice I owe you one!

    All the fish hooked were on the UC Reaper with 40lb topshot and 130lb short leader to the stickbait. I will say that rod is amazing and has tons of power! Such an amazing day close to home with the san diego skyline in view the whole time!
    Hell ya guys fun trip!
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  • Jul 24, 2017
    San Diego, Calif
    Joseph Gratteau
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    South 9 as far as you could see blowing up! We heard the whale watchers call out, and called out too! Only saw a small triumph come in. Glad someone could exploit and conquor! Let the games begin!
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