Islands Isla Cedros Report, July 19-23, 2021


Sep 11, 2008
Tustin, CA
Jeff Cheechov
Skipjack 24FB, AD41P diesel
Hey Dubya. We fished the 140mm sinking Shimano stick baits, all 140gm. These have no front bill, just a rounded nose. We had the Mackerel and Sardine-looking patterns. I don't think the pattern mattered as much as the retrieve and the twitches. Sometime these would get attacked right after they landed on the water, 1-2-3 handle cranks and bang! Crazy stuff.

I had really good luck on a few surface iron patterns. My best was a Salas 7x in mint/white. My larger JRI-4s worked well too, one all-mint, one scrambled egg. We had more quality fish bite the larger jigs. The deal here for us was really all about the jig's action and retrieve speed. Bruce retrieve-tested some of his jigs before he packed them to check the kick and action. I tossed some as well, then went and bought more. I'm really a newbie to (successful) surface iron fishing. Luke is far better versed and has years of experience, but he's not a guru. ;)
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Aug 19, 2006
Laguna Niguel
The JRI DW1 color was the dark Detroit Diesel, I did not know that was the name. As far as the color on the sinking Colt Sniper all that had silver seemed to work but that is all we threw. The fishing was so good I stopped using plastics and went to a 1 oz seedless dark red head with a skirt and spinner blade. I think anything would work on the CB. They have full bellies and are about to spawn. My experience at Cedros is the CB bite best before they spawn…..hungry and aggressive. It is prime time right now.
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