Is it possible to keep big baits alive on sport fishing boats?


Nov 7, 2018
San Diego
Great, so I got from your post that you can keep 10-12 of them in a tank. Thanks! That's good info. I hear what you are saying about it being difficult, but the kite is difficult, and was considered far fetched. According to a story I heard, one of the first times it was tried on the RP, Frank said it would never work, but by the end of the trip, he was asking the passengers who brought the kite to leave it on the boat. Now it's a mainstay on every boat. 2 years ago, no one was drifting dead flyers, now it's the main thing. Personally, I find trying new techniques a lot of fun. This is how I came up with bridling flatfalls, which works better than any other rigging technique for landing big bft. There are some failures, but enough successes to make trying new techniques worthwhile. So, I keep an open mind and try things that either worked in another fishery or that solve a particular problem in the current fishery.

As long as your style of fishing doesn’t mess it up or interfere with the 20-30 other people on the boat, why not.

Like I was on one trip and one guy kept on fishing a regular blow up balloon with a sardine 4’ under it off the bow. It was totally messing up our flylines. We couldn’t cast our lines straight off the bow and have our flyline drift down towards the starboard because the wind was blowing his balloon in the opposite direction so he literally was taking up 40 degrees of water all by himself. And he did that for 30 minutes each time two or three times that day even though we were getting bit pretty well on our flylines. We had to cast our lines out perpendicular to the bow and that ended up really cramping all of our lines together.

That’s just one example of how someone wanted to do something a “little different” that really affected how the rest of us were trying to fish in the middle of a good bite. And actually that was the best day of fishing we had on that whole trip.

So I think as long as you’re mindful about how what you may want to do could potentially interfere with how others may be able to fish on the boat and take that into account, well, everything can be figured out and done within reason.
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