Irons Meagbaits jig blanks and assorted lure lot and sinker molds

Jun 17, 2015
enrique aguilar
mako 20
assorted irons sold

assorted lures 30 shipped

Jigs Im making similar to megabait and pline style sold unpainted by the dozen I can ship as many as you would like for 5.25

1oz 15.00 per dozen
2oz 17.00 per dozen
3oz 19.00 per dozen
4oz 20.00 per dozen

they come unpainted you do what you want with powder or spray paint

molds 20 ea 5.00 shipping

trolling banana 1-4oz
bank sinkers 2-5oz
bank sinkers 5-8oz
hello i just sing up today so i am new to this great system. is any way to buy the jigs mold? and what is made of? thanks Enrique