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Jul 19, 2021
Glendale, CA
Hey all, this is my introduction thread, I'm happy to be here (and hope this thread is allowed and in the right place).

I'm a California guy - originally from the north (East Bay) but now residing in the south (Glendale area). Grew up fishing for trout in lakes and streams with my dad. About 15 years ago my grandpa got into fishing saltwater and started to regularly take me along. We've done some cool trips, mostly down in Mexican waters or up in Alaska but I've hardly fished the southern California area.

I got back from Alaska (Yakutat) a few weeks ago and we just absolutely killed it. 4-day trip and I caught over 400 lbs of Halibut as well as a Chinook, some ling-cod, and a bunch of rockfish. My freezer is full, but more importantly, I've got the fishing bug and I've got it bad. I started reading more about local fishing (3/4 and overnight charters) and can't believe I haven't taken advantage of the local waters. I'd love to start fishing locally more so I'm reading up as much as I can to figure out how to best do that. I'm mostly interested in saltwater fishing but I'm not opposed to hitting any of the local freshwater lakes/ponds/streams either.

I don't really have much in the way of gear/tackle, I've always just rented everyone on the boats we charter. Also no boat, hence the interest in local charters. I'm currently using the search feature and reading up on gear recommendations and figuring out what my budget is. I figure in the meantime I can just rent gear while I figure out what I like but I hope to buy a couple of rods/reels/tackle sooner rather than later.

I plan to check out a couple of different local charters/party boats/etc. in the area. Any recommendations would be appreciated but I've got a list of more than a handful that look like they do a good trip. Seems like most of them are more or less the same. I'm open to fishing anywhere from San Diego up to Santa Barbra. I figure that once I've tried a couple of different charters I will settle on a few I like and stick to those. As for what I'm wanting to fish for, I'm really down to do it all. I've fished for most of what the local waters have to offer: seabass, yellowtail, bluefin, halibut... and I like it all. Yellowtail are probably my favorites to both fish for and to eat but I'm happy to take any day on the water hunting for anything that will bite.

I'm mostly planning to fish alone but I'm happy to join people if anyone else on here is looking for more fishing friends. I've also got some family and friends in the area that I bet itwould join me occasionally. I also got talking to a buddy from work who is pretty into fishing and he's down to go with me when he can.

That's it about me. Glad to be here. Hopefully, I'll start seeing some of you out on the water sooner rather than later.


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    Hey Brandon, welcome! Two years ago I caught the same bug you now have. Here are some ideas that have helped me along so far:
    1. Listen to and follow the instructions of the deckhands. They are not always right, but most of the time they are. It will speed up the learning curve.
    2. When you get on the boat, find out who the senior deckhand is and direct your questions to him.
    3. Get good at tying the San Diego knot, the surgeons or seaguar knot and the Albright knot. Also the perfection loop comes in handy at times.
    4. Observe who the successful fishermen are on the boat and watch what they do. Also when an experienced person catches a fish, ask that person about the line size, hook size and type of hooking method used on the bait.
    5. Learn to nose, shoulder and butt hook a bait as different conditions require a different hooking method.
    6. Get good at casting both bait and jigs as you will likely be using both.
    7.Don’t rely on your memory. After each trip, sit down and write all of your observations from the trip. Include things you learned, things you will do differently next time, and things you will need to buy. Read it before each trip and add to it after each trip. Every trip is not just for fishing, but also for learning. The more the learning, the more the catching!
    Have fun.
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