Introducing FREE Beta testing for SST, Chl, and Bite Zone Charts


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Feb 4, 2003
Encinitas, CA USA
We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website,

***FREE Beta Testing for SST, Chlorophyll, and Bite Zone Charts***

SatFish brings you the latest advances in satellite imaging technology to help you plan your fishing trips and be more productive on the water. State-of-the-art temperature, chlorophyll, altimetry, currents, and our exclusive "Bite Zone" maps combined with our powerful, easy-to-use interface show you right where the breaks are and help you map out your game plan to catch more fish and save time and fuel - WORLDWIDE!

We have been developing SatFish for the last 3 years. The satellite interface itself has been running on Fishdope for the last year and a half. During that time we have made many upgrades to the interface with Satfish in mind.

We are starting out with 32 regions across the United States, Mexico, and the Bahamas, but in the end we plan on having every global saltwater fishing region available. At this time we have the SST, Cloud Free SST, Chlorophyll and Bite Zone layers up and running, with layers being updated daily. Many more layers are being added over the course of the next 6 months. When we are fully up and running, SatFish will have more layers of data than Fishdope.

SatFish is in Beta for the next 6 months. What is “beta” you ask? Beta refers to the last test of software that is released to public before it becomes final. We are working out the bugs and shaping the website and service into something that our members like.

If you have any questions or suggestions at all please post in the SatFish forums for all to see. Along with our staff we have many members that have been using Fishdope for years that will explain how to use the interface in order to be more productive on your local fishing grounds.

Team Satfish