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Tyler Correll

Apr 21, 2019
TC on the Patty D
Patty D
Just returned from my annual 8 day (8/29-9/6) on the Intrepid and had a blast ūüėÄ. Got to Point Loma at 8:30, checked in and packed the dock cart. My girl and I settled in with the rest of the guys on the trip and talked about the crazy year and how glad we were to get away and fish. Once we boarded, we unpacked our gear and set up our rooms. All rooms smelled heavily of cleaner and new hand sanitizers were installed throughout the boat.
View attachment 1196661View attachment 1196662
Our captain was Bill Cavanaugh with Sam as 2nd. Holding down the deck were Matthew, Sheppie , and Connor. In the kitchen was Brian and Edward. We had a good load of 6-8" dines and headed out ahead of the other boats. Bill called us into the galley and gave us the rundown on masking and other Covid procedures. He then gave us a few options on fishing. After a quick vote, it was decided that we would be heading down to "The Rocks" to look for wahoo. View attachment 1196664View attachment 1196665View attachment 1196666View attachment 1196667View attachment 1196668View attachment 1196671
A day and a half later we were at the rocks and started our search.View attachment 1196673View attachment 1196674
Soon we drew first blood.View attachment 1196675View attachment 1196676
It never went wide open and we covered a lot of water picking up a few Hoo's here and there. I think our best stop was for 15. I got lucky enough to go 4 for 6 on the bomb. Green seemed to be the hot color along with gold raiders. DTX's and a single intruder got the majority of the bites with the pink DTX being the hot ticket. After half a day chasing wahoo, we went to Alijos Bank to try for yellows. They were willing to bite but so were the sharks. Out of seven hookups, we only got 1 to the boat. That was enough for Bill and we took off to fish the Ridge for the next day.
We woke up to very warm glassy conditions on the ridge View attachment 1196678View attachment 1196679View attachment 1196681
Lots of Frigates and turtles, but unfortunately no wahoo. We made several moves and finally found some Yellowfin Tuna. There were breezers everywhere of 3-5 lb tuna. Cute but not what we were looking for so we moved on.View attachment 1196695
After searching for awhile we found some footballs to play with. They were accompanied by some huge Skipjack which were fun to pull on even though not what we were looking for. Towards late afternoon/evening, some nicer quality models moved in and we were able to pick up a few of those. View attachment 1196696View attachment 1196697
Along with the tuna, we picked random Dorado here and there when they would come investigate our chum.
I was lucky enough to get 3 nice ones by having a bait to cast when one swam by. View attachment 1196698View attachment 1196699
While on the ridge, we tried several spots for yellowtail and were able to pick up a few, but not in the numbers we were looking for. Yo yo iron worked if you could stand the grinding at the rail.View attachment 1196701
We spent the next day offshore looking for dorado on kelps. Thanks to Matthew's keen eyes, we found several nice kelps, but no one was home on any of them. I think we go 2 neckties at most. So off to the coast to look for more yellows.
In the morning we were able to pull up a few quality models at sunrise. View attachment 1196702. We made another move and pick up several more. We also got into some bonus Pargo ! I used my slow pitch set up to specifically target them and was able to pickup 5 nice ones along with another 2 from my girl bouncing a colt sniper. So stoked on that !View attachment 1196705
Bill wanted to check one last spot and we were lucky he did ! It was wide open on 10-15lb yellows. There were "hundreds" ! They were flying around in packs chasing bait, jigs, and everything. If we didn't get boat limits, we were very close. Every technique worked. Unfortunately I was so busy having my best day ever on surface iron, I didn't take any pictures ! Definitely sore muscles the next morning after that one.
We continued to travel north for our last half day of fishing and we went for deep water Rockfish. Bill put us on some phenomenal spots. 5-6 lb reds coming over the rail often.View attachment 1196714View attachment 1196715View attachment 1196716
I was using my slow pitch set up again and having a blast with the light setup compared to the other 16oz plus dropper loops everybody else had. On the last stop, I set the hook into what I thought was the bottom at first. Then I got a head shake! The the fish started pulling drag which I had pretty tight. I slowly worked the fish up from the depths and finally got it to gaff. Huge Lingcod ! View attachment 1196720
Sam put it on a scale and it said 20lbs !
Personal best for me by far and great way to end the trip. View attachment 1196721We had a great dinner and pulled into port about 6:30 to offload with smiles all around View attachment 1196722View attachment 1196723
Bill was great at the helm and kept us constantly informed about conditions and fishing choices. He kept at it looking for fish until he found paydirt. Sam was great as usually and helped out in all areas.
Deckhands, although new to the boat this season, had great attitudes, and showed lots of enthusiasm. Matthew was a standout. He's as good as they come !
Brian and Ed continued to bring out the best food everyday and were a pleasure to have around.
As far as the fishing. For wahoo, bombs, raiders, and wired baits worked. Wired or heavy flouro seemed to work the same. I got 2 on 65lb wired bombs and 2 on bombs with 100lb flouro. (All capt Jimmy's in green)
For tuna, 25/30 lb bait setups worked well with #1-1/0 hooks. Poppers, and stickbaits also worked well
For yellowtail, yo yo jigs worked the best up until it went wide open. Colt snipers worked also and well as 25-40lb bait setups. (Flyline or 1/2 oz slider. A few dropper loop fish were caught but they also got a lot of big whitefish and sheepshead.
This was only my 3rd trip for this year and it was so good to be out there and away from all the craziness. Tight lines everybody !View attachment 1196725View attachment 1196726

View attachment 1196672
Also thanks to Luc and Kevin from Anglers Choice for the great give aways and raffle prizes !
Great report! the real deal. thanks for sharing
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