Intrepid "Anglers Choice 8 day" Part 2

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    Day 4 continued:
    While continuing to hit the wahoo, we would run across random dorado here and there. Once while on the anchor Bill spotted a paddy that another boat was drifting by and catching dorado off. We shared a drift and got into some pretty wide open do do fishing. Later we anchored up again and got into some good quality YF tuna along with our wahoo. 20190902_154141.jpg 20190902_154817.jpg 20190902_101949.jpg 20190902_094744.jpg 20190902_182332.jpg 20190902_183012.jpg 20190902_101601.jpg 20190902_130734.jpg 20190902_130304.jpg 20190902_124810.jpg 20190902_184906.jpg Day 5:
    We stayed on the ridge and woke up to wahoo and tuna in the lights. Several were on the deck before some of us were even out of bed. Bill got on the horn to make sure we woke up and joined in. 20190903_062202.jpg 20190903_062222.jpg 20190903_063342.jpg 20190903_074425.jpg
    As the sun came up the bite continued with wahoo, tuna, and dorado in the mix. 20190903_182609.jpg 20190903_182650.jpg 20190908_080112.jpg 20190903_182603.jpg 20190903_190730.jpg 20190903_140107.jpg 20190903_140620.jpg 20190903_140803.jpg 20190903_131515.jpg 20190908_075803.jpg Later on we got a spot of yellowtail down deep on the yo yo and dropper loops. 20190903_180601.jpg 20190903_144902.jpg 20190908_081110.jpg 20190903_090850.jpg 20190903_123648.jpg 20190903_190757.jpg 20190903_131932(0).jpg 20190903_120155.jpg 20190903_154341.jpg 20190903_101759.jpg 20190903_183146.jpg 20190903_173916.jpg 20190908_075332.jpg 20190903_134755.jpg 20190903_090936.jpg
    For trolling, the Nomad DTX was the hot ticket along with the Marauders. Only problem was that it was a coin flip as to whether the Nomad was gonna swim or not. They definitely are not all created equal. But when they swam BAM ! We had one of the large Hooker intruders out occasionally also but for some reason it didn't get much love that I saw. Not a knock. Just what I saw on this particular trip.
    Day 5: To be continued.....
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    Great write up thank you.

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