Offshore Intrepid 1.75 day trip on 4-17

Sailing La Reina

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Apr 10, 2019
San Pedro, CA
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La Reina
I always tell myself to get a lot of sleep before heading out on an overnight or longer trip. But man it’s hard. There’s so much prep; reels, rods, lines, jigs, tools, strategizing, clothing, and the list goes on. So I wound up getting about four and a half hours of sleep and then headed down to San Diego from Torrance. Got there bright and early and checked in. I knew it was going to be windy with a 5-7 ft. swell, so I stopped by the tackle shop and bought a few 500 gram jigs. With jigs from 120 grams up to 500, I felt like I was in pretty good shape.

After boarding, we got bait and headed out. After a while, the captain gave us the plan: We would be fishing from about 3:30 PM, on. All day and all night is what he said. “You will be fishing sinker rigs in the day and jigs at night. It’ll be too choppy for fly lines.” After that, I took an opportunity to take a nap for a couple of hours. I knew it was gonna be a long night.

At 3:30 PM my alarm went off. Up I jumped out I went. Just as predicted, it was windy, swelly and choppy. Sinker rig time! Searching by sonar, we spent the day stopping on non-biting schools, dropping our sardine offerings down and reeling them back up.

Then, late in the day while searching, we heard the engines rev up. What could it mean? Everyone was wondering. It was something good. The Shogun had found a school that was willing to bite and called us in. That got things started. The skunk was off the boat and I think about nine bluefin were landed. I was fortunate enough to land one of them. After that school moved on, it was back to searching for schools, stopping, dropping down our jigs and then reeling them back up. I lasted till 3:30 AM and at that point decided to call it quits and grab a few hours of sleep.

7:00 AM: Up and ready for 15 more hours of fishing. It was a pick bite all day long. We would land a few here and a few there, but never ran into a school that was all that interested in us. In spite of that, spirits were high and everyone fished hard. We were all trying our best to be one of the lucky ones to get bit.

My chance! Early in the afternoon, while reeling in my sinker rig I felt a bite. The line and rod loaded up and then suddenly, poof. Nothing. I began reeling really fast hoping that the fish had turned toward me. I could take up the slack line and still have a fish. But that was not to be the case. Once I brought my line in, close inspection showed the telltale curly cue of a knot that had come undone. My bad. Next time I’ll be more careful, patient, and make sure that I tie the mono to fluoro knot properly. As day turned to night, we were all hoping for a final chance to get on some fish. As things turned out, that chance would come - in a big way.

Sometime between 9 and 10 PM we found them, or they found us. Either way it was game on. The bluefin dinner bell was ringing, and our jigs were the main course. It was pure excitement on deck. At one point, I had to tell myself to slow down, be patient and careful. The swell had picked up and the boat was really rocking. But the adrenaline! Those few hours were fisherman’s heaven. I was able to land three 35-45 lb. bluefin to fill my limit. At the end of it I was totally spent, but with a satisfaction that matched my exhaustion.

Aftermath: It took 3 days to fully recover from the trip. I was so sore and tired, but I would not hesitate to do it again. Now I’m enjoying and sharing the fruits of my labor. I own a small company and last weekend, all the employees were treated to a sashimi lunch. Yesterday, I had bluefin sashimi for breakfast. Life is good - can’t wait till the next trip on the NLA in late May.

Tight lines!
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Mar 9, 2011
San Diego, CA, USA
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Right on brotha! Good boat vibes keep the boat rides alive! No matter what you put in the work you deserve that delicious breakfast and good in you hooking up the company crew! 🤙🏻✌🏻👌🏻👍🏻😎
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    Great report and read, and got some bluefin. No pain,no gain they say LOL
    Where's the PICS? The gang likes pics here?

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