Offshore INTREPID 04.24-04.26.2022


  • Jan 3, 2010
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    Just returned from a 1.75 day on the Intrepid.

    Ok drove down to the landing on Sunday morning nice to see ample parking and yes it's the early season so it was expected.
    Katie was checking in early very nice lady, paid the fuel surcharge, and did the mandatory covid test.
    Went back to the car unloaded all my gear and stood around waiting to board which is a great time to meet new people that you'll be hanging with for the next couple of days.
    Loaded up at 10:00 am and on this boat, you get to load by your number.

    This is how I felt when I boarded the boat lol
    Did the whole loading and organizing deal before we headed out to the bait receiver and everyone gathered in the galley to go over the game plan.
    Bill, Sam, Min, Travis, Ed and Tito and two others sorry forgot their names were are crew.
    The plan was to head down off Ensenada where this BFT has been hanging around and hope to get a good shot at the fish.
    The weather was up so it made for a bumpy ride the entire trip along with the wind that never really backed off.
    We get down to the zone right around 4:30 pm and started to go to work on the first school we found.
    The first school was on the smaller size calling it 30lbs.
    I get bit right away on my UC Centaur and Penn VISX 16 with 100lb braid and 80lb mono top shot tied to a rip roller 300g in red and white polka dots.
    This fish came in short order and as I do a lot, I took a break and watched others catching fish.
    Right around 6ish, we had boated a couple of dozen or so along with a few fish that got away a few of those right at gaff.
    I send my rip roller back down and get hooked up again and standing next to me was one of two sisters on this trip cool of their dad to bring them on their first fishing trip. I asked her hey did you catch a fish yet she replies no so I said ok cool here you go give me your rod and you can fight this one. She had a look of amazement when she felt this fish just ripping away I walked her through until gaff and she boated a nicer model in the 60/70lb class and she had that smile from ear to ear.
    I take back my set up go back in and get picked up again this time I yelled out who has not caught a fish? I then got an eager angler next to me as I proceeded to hand him my rod with another 60/70lb class BFT.
    I followed the anger and helped him get the fish to gaff and another happy angler.
    I ended up doing this another 11 times (Yes 11 times lol) and made sure that after day one everyone on the boat had a fish or two. I do know that the crew should be doing this but they were super busy with tangles and so on.
    Fast forward to sometime after dinner we started getting into a nice night bite that went on till 3 am.
    Now for me, I was done sometime around 1:30 am I had 1 fish and handed off a total of 12 for the day with the last hand off getting sawed off, and there went my magical jig ughhhh.
    On day 2 we spent a lot of time on a good old boat ride with maybe 2 to three coming aboard. I took a gander at the fish board to see if there was anyone that had not caught a fish and saw #5 has nothing next to his name. I figured out who was #5 and realized it was a guy who was not feeling hot due to the sea conditions so I told him to keep an eye out because if I hook up again it's yours. Well sure enough I drop back down and fish on! Hand him the rod and the deckhands made sure he got that to gaff.
    I actually got addicted to hook and hand I got more pleasure in seeing someone on a fish that was having a hard time hooking up.
    Right around dinner Capt. Bill came down and said ok we have till 10 pm to finish off limits and at this point that was another 20 fish or so it was not until right around 8 pm and we got on a school that was willing to play I went to the rail and boated another 3 fish back to back and settled my limit in short order.
    On this trip, I saw a lot of casualties many were from small J hooks getting unbuttoned right before gaff.
    I brought along 4 setups and only used one and that was my UC Centaur and Penn VISX 16 with 100lb braid and 80lb mono
    What worked for the trip was 250-300g jigs all different colors and shapes seemed to do just fine.
    All in all, we had a great trip excluding the weather, fantastic boat and crew, and lucky enough we did not have that guy on the trip.
    Sorry for the lack of photos but it was just snotty conditions and keep the phone inside.



















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    May 13, 2012
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    My Wife, Son, and I were booked on this trip but had to cancel last minute because we all came down with Covid. Still bummed, but glad you all had such a good trip!
    Good job and great write up!
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    I've posted enough I should know better...
    Jul 26, 2007
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    Terrific report and generous angler too! Guess you were there to F S up!

    Good fishin'!
    BDC OK
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    John S.

    Aug 4, 2008
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    Nice to hear there are still people out there willing to pass fish off. I am sure those that you helped out will remember those Bluefin for a long time. Nice report as well.

    Tuna Dreamer
    Tuna Dreamer
    All of us at one time or another have had the proverbial “skunk” on our backs. But when another angler is generous enough to pass off a biter it’s like a gift from the heavens. It can even turn the whole season around from that point going forward.
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    On fire 🔥 well done. Epic didn't miss a beat 🤙🏾

    When the fish are biting nails and tourist or folks who like to fish but are not fisherman. Are having a hard time hooking one and landing the fish

    Its always nice to see (hot sticks). Hook and hand. The bite is the best part anyways.

    Its common on pro boats. That everyone gets to fight a fish with boat limits. Not just handed one at the dock

    On lr long trips. Fishless people get the kite rotation and stay on the wahoo troll rotation. Until they get one
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