International 30TW. Single speed


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Dec 4, 2005
By the lake
Bass Tracker 16
30TW sigle speed this old reel its good for big bluefin tuna. Watch line recommended thanks

A "stock" 30TW would probably not be the ideal choice for the big bluefin that are biting in local waters right now.
The 30TW from the factory was only a single speed reel, and the drag operated best for relatively light monofilament lines.
Many of those old reels were modified by Cal Sheets or others, so if you have a reel that says "30TW", but is a 2-speed, besides having had the 2-speed feature added, the drag "may" have been modified to fish heavier lines.
Fishing these big fish means having a 2-speed is mandatory, and a 30 size reel should be filled with 100 or 130 pound braid, and drag settings of 20-40 pounds.