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Nov 9, 2004
Does that coverage include charters or running under a 100 ton license v. Recreational user? Any difference in coverage or costs?

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I've posted enough I should edit this section
May 8, 2003
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Does that coverage include charters or running under a 100 ton license v. Recreational user? Any difference in coverage or costs?
Probably not since Im not running charters right now.

I know I got a discount for my 100 ton, where Boat US though Geico didn't even care.

Im not an insurance broker I would call Chris and talk to him.


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Jul 23, 2003
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Called Boat US today and they do cover down to Mexico. It is an additional $49 for my case. They are sending me a new policy renewal with it listed. Its is a total of 23% increase from what is was before. Will continue shop around.


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Jul 18, 2008
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Just got off the phone with boat us rate went up like 100 % from 400 to 800 They said taxes went up... that's why it's way up there time to call Chris at sea insure.


Nov 30, 2004
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They jerked me around for 2 weeks before I gave up and stayed with my old policy. It seemed cheaper initially, but I swear I could not get 2 people to quote me the same numbers even after I had the quote in front of me. Mexico is apparantly beyond the comprehension of these agents. Try and tell them you only fish the Coronados, never further South than Ensenada............Punta Tomas to be exact. They would give me the amendment over the phone, never in writing. Only Mexico if you buy into mainland Mexico and Cabo, etc. An extra $100. Thumbs down for BoatUS Insurance.


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Jun 22, 2014
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Well fella's I just got hit. It was actually all pretty interesting how it came about. I received an Email claiming my payment was declined. In the body of the Email was what appeared to be an invoice with a $0.00 dollar amount. I thought this was strange since I do not need to renew until May. In the Email there was a toll free 844 number. I Googled it and it had no affiliation to Boat U.S. or Geico, it looked like it was used for some random scams so I never called it.

Instead I logged into my account to see what was going on. Nothing had changed but I saw I could pay my yearly premium. It "showed" $244 and I thought sweet, it went down from last year which was $375. So I look at the policy which is the same but down at the bottom it said yearly premium was $808. I thought, hell that is a huge discount for paying it in full like I have every year. This is for an agreed value amount of $16k plus all their other add ons and $2k for the trailer.

So I call their call center to find out what is going on and was going to pay the $244 to get it out of the way. After talking to the lady it was determined that my total premium was in fact $808.00 and the $244 was for installments. Mind you it said nothing about installments on the front page that I saw. (such as 4 easy payments of $244 etc) and I have always paid in full every year.

I lost my effing mind. This 115% increase had to be a mistake. I can assure you I let them know how I felt. (I later apologized to poor lady and said I knew she had nothing to do with it and was just reading what the computer was spitting out, she told me I certainly was not the first and wont be the last.) I was and still am pissed.

I explained to them that I have never once had a claim, I am 3rd issue 100-ton license holder and worked in the sportfishing industry for over 20 years and never once had a claim on my personal boats or boats I was running. She said the only thing she could do would be to review my policy and see if she could save me any money. I said go for it but do not change any of my limits.

I knew I was dealing with complete incompetence when after she said I got a discount for having a captains license she asked if I had ever taken a boaters safety course and then waited for my response... All I could do was just laugh.

After it was all said and done she said she could save me $11. I just laughed and told them I would be shopping the quote around and more than likely leaving them, she then asked me if I wanted to pay the premium now. I mean you cannot make this shit up... I literally wanted to ask her if she was happy with her life and explain that this is prime example of why she will probably stay in a call center and never advance in her career.

The thing that really pissed me off the most was not so much the 115% increase (which I still find absurd) but how they seemed to almost hide it by having an installment payment listed as the amount I owed when I have always paid in full. This really rubbed me the wrong way and seemed shady.

She also explained that they have had a lot of losses that they have had to pay out, I then explained that I could give two shits how many losses their company has had to pay because of the major storms back east, this is southern California and there is no way California can have as many claims as Florida, the Carolina's or the Gulf. Isn't this the reason why you ask me where not only do I use the boat, but where the boat is stored? And then asked why the hell would it matter where I live then? What would my premium be if I lived in Florida? 208%?

Anyway that's my rant. Check your statements boys... complete BS, I will be checking on the names above for quotes.

Edit: I have received a quote for substantially similar, though not identical coverage from Sea Insure for $50 more than my current premium. I am going to be checking all the other carriers mentioned above this week.

Edit Again: I went with Sea Insure. Chris was very easy to deal with. I had to sign up for a SeaTow membership which wasn't a big deal since I always want towing service. In the end it was about $50 bucks more than my previous prememium not counting the membership.
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