Indy 7 day July 17-24

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Feb 12, 2011
Fresno, CA
David Rouse
Long range fishing
I don't really do these short trips that often. I just got back from a 16 day on the Indy and our charter master Rick said he had 3 spots on his July trip. So as we are on our way to hurricane bank I had my wife call Judy in the office and took 2 of the spots. I mentor a 48 year old guy that just loves to fish so I am taking him on a 7 day. I really wanted to take him on a 11 day but the guy just can't wait... I can understand that feeling.... anyways 2 years ago I took him as my guest on the Rooster and we went to Guadalupe island and he was in heaven. I want him to experience different boats in the fleet so I am taking him on the Indy this time as my guest. Both boats are a great operation and fun to fish. He really wants to see the rocks but on a 7 day I don't know if that will happen .... 8 days would be a better shot.... I I talked with him and said the captain wants to find fish to fight. We go where the fish want to play. Our job is to have fun and meet new friends and catch lots of fish. He is already packing..... LOL I remember those days back in the early 90's when long range fishing got me hooked. I am giving him casting lessons in my pool and he is doing a great job. If any BD'ers are on the trip Chris my little buddy and myself can't wait to share the rail with you.

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