I'm back biatches! First post in, what, six years?


Throw a towel over it!
Jan 17, 2006
San Diego
2120 Parker, "Barely Legal"
I'm on a mission from God and I'm putting The Band back together.
Divorcing an angry lawyer takes a toll...a lot of money and a very long time.
After a long journey from San Diego to Taipei, Shenzhen, Boston and San Francisco staying one step ahead from being sucked into the Abyss...I'm back in San Diego now and The Boat, Barely Legal, is ALL MINE now.

After several years away, my biggest little sportfisher, the one and only "Bad Company Edition 2120" is going to need a lot of love to bring her back to her former glory. But all that love is what she's going to get now.

Looking to reconnect with old friends, make new friends, boat ho's and people of all persuasions with gelcoat restoration, marine upolstery, TIG welding and fabrication skills.

PM me! Let's fix her up and let's go fishing!
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