Idaho Fly Fishing | June 2022 (video)


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Jan 27, 2012
Eric Risen
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Made the journey up to Idaho at the end of June hoping to time the legendary Salmonfly hatch on the South Fork of the Snake River. We arrived to perfect warm weather but a colder than average May/June had delayed the legendary hatch by a week or so. First day we fished the South Fork of the Snake for as many whitefish as you could ever want but only a few small trout mixed in. Slightly discouraged we opted to mix things up the next day and fish some smaller, less pressured water off the beaten path a bit. Took some planning to get the cars staged and the boat in the water at some rudimentary put ins/take outs but it was well worth the effort. The next two days we had some of the most epic fishing any of us had experienced for large rainbows. Day 1 we had 30+ fish over 18" with half of those over 20" and a couple over 22". We also had a ~15lb mirror carp. Day 2 was just as good with a few more fish lost than the day before. By the second day your buddy wouldn't even come net your fish unless it was well over 20". It was like the Lower Owens meets Upper Owen Snow Bows without the crowds. We were seriously pinching ourselves and had some crazy battles with these hard fighting rainbows. As soon as they were hooked they would come rocketing out of the water and then rip line to get into the nearest tree. Pulled out early our second day at this spot and headed down below American Falls Reservoir to try for smallmouth and ended up having a super fun evening on 1-3lb Smallmouth on small clousers and poppers. Day 4 we drifted the famous Canyon section of the South Fork and had better results than our first day. We each had a sold helping of trout this day with a couple standout Cutthroat and Brown Trout to hang our hats on. Last day we fished a morning session on the Henry's Fork for some fun dry fly sight fishing for good size Browns and Rainbows before getting blown off the water and heading to Salt Lake to catch our flight home. Already looking forward to the next trip up there!

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Jul 26, 2007
Northridge, CA
Donald W. Clarke III
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Wowie kazowie. Commercial style if commershes used fly rods eh? Beautiful country, beautiful fish and anglers who were eminently prepared.
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