How many #'s?


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Jun 3, 2012
Vernon, Texas, USA
Alben Lee
I'm 54 years young. Been fishing since I could remember. I understand you can catch fish one day, and the next it sucks the big one. I've been out in the GOM on a 1.5 dayer and tore um up. Been on a 2.5 dayer and it sucked. And I'm not a hog. That being said...I'm on the X, a 10 dayer leaving Sept 28th. You guys go back 3, 5, or 10 years and guesstimate an average weight of the amount of fish you took home processed from a 10 day trip. And i realize some guys like Bud, some Coors, etc. Same with fish. I'd like some kind of idea what to expect $ wise for processing and where I'm going to store it when I get to the house. Thanks, Tex.


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Jan 23, 2013
San Diego
Ain’t got one....
I believe Fisherman's Processing charges $0.85/lb in the round for fillet and $1.25/lb in the round for smoking. Yield depends on size/type of fish, here's a link to their page with expected yields:

No way to know ahead of time how much whole fish you'll bring back, but I hope you have a great trip!

Hope that helps!


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Feb 13, 2007
Germantown, TN
Jon Scobey
When you start counting, you will ultimately be disappointed. These trips are an adventure that can't be measured in #. I like to tug on a fish as much as anyone but you'll have trips were the stars simply don't align. I missed my normal trip last year because I went ultra long (15 days). We caught limits of sharks and bottom fish. My regular group flat tore it up with limits of tuna, wahoo, you name it.

On my worst trips, I still had close to 200# of filets, which is more than we can eat. On my best trips, I have close to 200# simply because that's enough.

On one trip that was a stinker up to the last day, we tripped over a school of 40-60# bluefin. I caught 4 fifties and quit. I guess I could have kept catching and cutting, but I had a blast watching the madness below. Guys foaming at the mouth to catch one more..... Slow down, you move too fast, as the song goes.