How do I resize my pictures for BD


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Apr 24, 2003
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As a follow up to Jason's post on how to upload a photo, here's how you can resize your pictures to work on Bloodydecks.

Most of todays higher mega pixel cameras (5+ Megapixels) will give you an image that is too large to be uploaded to Bloodydecks. In order to upload and share your pics, you will first need to make them smaller by resizing them.

BY FAR the easiest way to do this for PC users is using a small program from Microsoft called "Image Resizer". Here's how you do it:

1. Download and install Image Resizer.
Windows XP users can get it here:
Windows 7 or Vista users can get it here: (I haven't tested it for Win7 of Vista, someone please confirm that it works)
Image Resizer Powertoy Clone for Windows

2. Find your images to be resized on using my computer. Once you locate the pics you would like to resize, highlight them all by clicking them while holding the CTRL key. You can select one image or as many as you would like. <see below="">

3. Right click on the highlighted pictures and select "Resize Pictures". <see below="">

4. Select the image size you would like. Medium (800x600) works great for BD and click OK. <see below="">

5. Now in the same folder, you will find your new images. The program saves a copy of the image and inserts the image size (in this case Medium) into the new file name. <see below="">

6. Go ahead and upload these images to BD following the directions provided here:

Let's seem some more pics with those fish reports!</see></see></see></see>