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  • Sep 25, 2008
    Cap't Paul
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    PSA State Board Presidents Message for March

    WE WON! Throughout the last 2 1/2 years we have been intensely working on getting rid of HSRG from the WDFW Hatchery Policy level to take the handcuffs off of hatchery production. When this first started we thought it would be a slam dunk and it ended up becoming a very tough animal! We fought it all of the way across the finish line. Near the end I was betting against us to get this done and was at one time starting to think we were going to lose it. Our relationships with the tribes and their help were a big part of what got us across the finish line and basically it was their letter to the governor disputing HSRG that helped us pull the trigger on the suspension of HSRG in the first place. What this means is that we can move on to the co-management policy with state and tribes. What will take place then will be a river by river breakdown of where hatchery production can be increased. Some rivers might need some help, some might need a lot of hatchery production help, and others might be ok with current situations and don't want to disturb the healthy localized stocks. Special thanks to Commissioner Don McIsaac for keeping this on task and getting it done. All 8 commissioners (still one vacancy) voted unanimously to move forward with the change in the Hatchery Policy. Special thanks to all of the commissioners and to our tribal friends that helped us get this pushed through. The relationships we have built with our tribal members have really helped on many different ventures. From stopping massive Fishing Closure Areas to be installed in the Puget Sound, San Juans, and Strait, to stopping provisos that were going to let a private third party continue to add more handcuffs on our hatchery production through legislature-to stopping defunding WDFW so we can continue to fund our hatcheries.

    This was a giant victory for fishing for all of us! Hatcheries need to stop being blamed for shrinking salmon returns when hatcheries were built for mitigation to replace the loss of salmon from the damaged/removed habitat that was taken away in the first place! We spent 2 years at the Orca Task Force not only proving that fishing was not causing the problem of starving orcas but came away with increasing hatchery production for the orcas and us both. 26.7 Million more salmon were made due to our work together.

    For instance showing how production decreases have hurt us badly (Puget Sound Only):
    In 1992 out of our Puget Sound hatcheries we released 61,617,961 chinook and 43,725,056 coho for a total of 105,343,017 output.

    2016 out of our Puget Sound hatcheries we released 33,409,274 chinook and 8,608,765 coho for a total of 42,018,039 output.

    That is a cut of 63,324,978 chinook and coho. At a 1% average survival rate using 1992 releases we would have 633,250 more chinook and coho swimming around in the Puget Sound now to catch over what the projections would be from NOF. We have a production problem. If we still had the output from previous years we would not be fighting over the last fish. This has to be said as it and salmon predation from birds and pinnipeds are not being addressed and are the real culprits. Newest study shows that 33 million smolts are not making it to the saltwater due to predation. We have to increase hatchery production and deal with predators at the same time. I hope this can help you understand that we have severely cut production levels due to ESA, HSRG, and funding cuts. We cannot do this anymore. PSA has been a leader in common sense fishery rebuilding. We now have to start enacting it.

    Hope sometime soon we can get back to face to face meetings. Join your local PSA chapter. We have more rockfish descender devices for those that need them.
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    Feb 21, 2011
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    This should be front page news, 'WA state dramatically reduces salmon hatchery production over the last 20 years starving local Orca populations'. Then run pics of the dead calf getting pushed around by its mom and every person in Seattle would be pushing for increased hatchery production.
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    Jan 6, 2012
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    Can they hire the co managers that run the Quinault systems to implement their programs state wide??

    Anyone tight with Jeff Besos?? Wholefoods advertises they offer the best salmon....can we get his help in funding programs that rock it for Shamo and also load his stores up with a bounty of quality product?

    I am 10 minutes from tossing a line in either the Green or Cedar..... it is a shame that I can't introduce my 9/10 year olds to a quality near city fishery.

    Thanks for update Paul!
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    Jul 6, 2012
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    According to recent articles on Jpod they have not returned to the Salish sea since April. The dipshit orca guy said it’s because there is no chinook to eat. Me and 10000 other fishermen would disagree strongly that there’s no chinook in the Salish sea. Glad there is forward progress on hatchery production. Not sure why this no brainer was so difficult.
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    May 12, 2008
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    Well I be the guy to piss on the excitement. I’m all for hatchery production particularly in the broodstock programs but unfortunately the psa love with the comanagers is a real double edge sword. They use the production of more hatchery fish to equal massive amounts more of netting time. Not so concerned with realistic fish rehabilitation.
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    Jul 10, 2010
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    Well I be the guy to piss on the excitement. I’m all for hatchery production particularly in the broodstock programs but unfortunately the psa love with the comanagers is a real double edge sword. They use the production of more hatchery fish to equal massive amounts more of netting time. Not so concerned with realistic fish rehabilitation.
    100% correct, well said Jason! Let’s clap our “Fellow Co-Managers “ on the back for doing Jack-$hit for us, but increasing the fish available to them while we are shut out of getting a shot at them. Go pack sand!
    When the “Co-Managers” actually care about fish and eco-systems, well, maybe a “Co-Manager “ solution will start to heal the root issue. Until then “ negotiating” with them is pissing up a rope. I have ZERO interest in dealing with the tribes until they negotiate in good faith.
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    Jul 15, 2010
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    Great news BUT lets not oversteer on the co-management love story. don’t let the PR machine fool you. co-management is nonexistent. More hatchery fish = more $$ for gillnetters.

    lets not forget we lost 8 month of fishing in MA7 in the last 3 years due to “co-management.” we need our own permit. The PSA path has been ineffective and the tribes won’t stop until we are all off the water. Period…
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