Hooping Catalina 11/19/16



Sep 11, 2008
Tustin, CA
Jeff Cheechov
Skipjack 24FB, AD41P diesel
We made a late run over to Catalina frontside on Mike's very nice Blackfin 28, Saturday 11/19. We departed Alamitos Bay about 5:30 PM, stopped at SP Bait for some Sardines, and ran to the Island to catch the flood tide. Conditions were nearly glassy and it was a great night for a run to the Island. We had hoops in the water from 9PM till about Midnight. We baited with frozen Macs and Bonita from a Salt Creek run a few weeks ago. We pulled a lot of bugs, over 40 of 'em. Only kept four legals. Many were barely or 'maybe' legal, so we tossed back all the iffy ones. No sense in challenging the DFW. One hoop had nine bugs! Our hoops were in 45'-100' deep on hard bottom, and they were hitting, but just too many shorts this time around. So we shuffled the hoops around looking for better, but it all seemed about the same. About Midnight we ran to the Isthmus for a mooring. Two light boats were working over near the reef, so the bay was well lit up!

In the morning we ran west looking for some close-in fishing. We wanted to drift for Halibut or set up on a nice fishy-looking ledge. We still had some Dines that survived the night, and alot of dead loss so I chopped em up for chum. We hit the Eagle high spot, Indian Rock and Arrow Point for nada. A tiny tide and zero current, meant 'no conditions' and no biters except a baby Moray. The water was 65-66F and very clear blue. I'm sure we were close, but we had some poor conditions.

We ran for LA breakwater at 10AM, and about four miles off the Island we found a huge pod of porpoise, a whale, Shearwaters, and other birds... hmmm. But zero on the meter, and no breaking fish anywhere close by. The Porpoise were going all directions, and looked to be feeding on finbait. So we cruised around outside the pod, watching and metering but did not see any sign of tuna, etc.

All in all some fun boating and enjoying good company on the water, and that's really what it's all about. And the four bugs never made it to the freezer ;)
Happy Thanksgiving all,

Keeper.jpg Bugs in BT.jpg Mike w- bug.jpg Jeff w- bug.jpg Lobster dinner.jpg
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Mar 27, 2013
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Nice write up! That is what it's all about.
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Apr 28, 2004
John Collar
Parker 2320
Nice report, nothing like eating from your own garden, you got some, nice job.
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