Honu- Sea Turtle Sightings, Summer 2017

Have U seen a Sea Turtle at a SoCal beach?

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Sep 29, 2004
Orange County
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Yep! At local SoCal beaches!

While surfing with my son and his buddy, I was waiting for my last wave at Cardiff Reef yesterday evening and then one popped up to take a breath and look around. We were surfing just south of the lagoon mouth. She cruised by briefly and then sunk out and continued heading north. No less that six feet away, seaward. Before she broke the surface, I thought it was a small harbor seal coming up. Head was about the size of a 16lb shotput, bigger than a softball- about the size of a large husked coconut. Shell was about the size of a trash can lid, loaded with moss and looked like a chuck of shell was missing on her front left corner.

Also, one popped up right next to son while surfing at SanO just last week!

A word about the pic: from our earlier surf session that morning- the guy parked next to us had some sweet homemade surf rack pads. This is the only pic I took at that location yesterday.

Anyone else seen a local Sea Turtle lately? You can report sightings to NOAA via email. I'll look for the address and post it later

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Aug 14, 2016
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I didn't know NOAA tracks them. There's one that has been showing up for the last several summers at a reef in Carlsbad and I've seen them intermittently in DM and the rest of North County. Tried to get a pic of the last one while I was fishing but a calico choked the jig while I was fumbling for my phone and that took priority.
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