Hobie 2021 release dates?

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Mar 8, 2019
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Anyone know when the 2021 hobies will come out I’m trying to decide if I should just buy the 2020 outback or wait for the 2021 I’m guessing it should be out soon..anybody think they will make any lil upgrades to the newest hobie 2021 coming out next or should I just get a 2020

Saba Slayer

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Oct 19, 2004
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According to Hobie...New Models or Changes are released in the Fall...
Hobie is like the CIA when it comes to keeping changes or new models a secret...
The new Outback and mold was designed only a couple of years ago and it's selling well...so IMHO I wouldn't expect any major changes so soon...
But you never know...
IMHO...That 360 Mirage Drive is such a perfect improvement on the PA's that Hobie's got to be thinking about adding it to other models in their line of yaks...
Go see Andy at OEX Sunset and check on his opinion or see Ron at Fastlane for the latest Hobie info...!
With the new 2021's coming out in the Fall maybe you'll get a killer deal on a 2020...
Its a great all around yak...I love mine...
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