Hi's Tackle 7day on the Royal Polaris Trip Report

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Apr 22, 2007
Santa Barbara
Matthew Lowe
2320 Parker (Bigger Jigger)
Well I just got back from the Hi's Tackle 7day on the Royal Polaris and let me just say that this was my first Long Range trip and that I am now addicted. I arrived in San Diego the day before the trip (Thursday July 7th). I decided to do some paddy hopping with a buddy on his whaler and we ran from Mission Bay all the way out to the 209 then 181 then back to La Jolla. We stopped on lots of empty paddies before I finally hopped in the water and shot a 20lb yellow 4 miles from La Jolla.

Day 1:
I woke up bright and early and arrived at Fishermans landing and checked in around 8. I got my stuff in a cart, bought a few last minute supplies and watched the offloading from the last trip. At this point I was blown away at the amount of gear people were bringing and the fish coming off the boat from the last trip.


The fish were an assortment of yellows, a few wahoo (4) and other critters, I was a little disheartened but fishing is fishing and I was just stoked to be able to spend 7 days on the fricken RP. I met some of the people and discussed the angling opportunities that lay ahead. We loaded the boat and was immediately blown away at the size and luxury of the Royal Polaris. I headed into the galley and down to state room 17 where I got my top bunk and met Wayne my roomie for the trip from Camarillo. Wayne couldn't have been any nicer and he helped me out immensely (THANK YOU WAYNE FOR EVERYTHING!). I got my stuff situated and then sat in the galley while we headed to the bait dock to listen to the plan. Roy Rose our incredible captain informed us that we would be heading south towards The Ridge and maybe out to The Rocks if possible as well. we would be traveling for almost 2 days and that we would stop on kelps if we saw anything good. Off we went! We didn't see a paddy until late that day and we scored 1 yellow on the troll. We then watched movies and headed to sleep after the great dinner from chef Mark.






Day 2:
Day two we woke up leisurely and setup all our gear. We had a Wahoo fishing seminar from Roy and Jonathan which made me apprehensive as I had never fished Wahoo before and was super excited yet scared to screw up the opportunity if it should arise. I sat with Wayne and Craig Mizufuka (such a legend) to wire up some bombs and jigs for a possible Wahoo encounter. After lunch we passed Benitos and Cedros which were awesome to see. We saw some Porpoise and stopped on some rolling yellows for no bites... on we rolled all day until we enjoyed a great sunset as we headed south where we would begin fishing for Yellows in the morning on the northern part of The Ridge.





Day 3: We started fishing bright and early and man did the Yellows show for us. Without another boat in site we sat on the anchor all day at different spots and fished yellows literally anyway you could imagine. I started off fishing them on the 40lb bait stick with a flylined sardine, and after 4 fish I decided to switch it over to the surface Iron on the 90J and my Torium, as well as my phoenix and Tranx combo. I smacked 4 or 5 yellows on the iron and released a few more before I decided that I had had my fill and would then fish the bottom with my heavy 100lb outfit and railrod. I fished a scud mackerel on the dropper in the hopes of getting a Grouper but I only landed more yellows.... bummer :D After our successful day fishing yellows, Roy informed us we would make a short move south overnight to wake up and fish for Wahoo, so off we went.



Day 4:
Well I woke up later than I should have on day 4 as I tried some night fishing the previous night for nada. I awoke to us on the anchor in the grey and stumbled into the galley. I asked Craig what was going on and he said that people were catching Wahoo outside... yea right I call BS (Craig loves screwing around) so I walk outside just
as Roy throws over a 30lb skin. :eek: I scrambled to grab my bomb rig and cast it out as quick as I could, I hit the water let it sink for a 20 count and wind as fast as I can...bomb my bomb gets slammed and of course I swing and I miss. Oh yea I have to reel through the bite, what a dumbass! I recast and boom i'm on again and this time I throw on a nice Skin, my first!!!!! We proceeded to catch fish on the bombs and jigs and when it would slow down we would wind them in and put the marauders out, which inevitably would get smashed within minutes and we would catch more fish casting on the drift. When the dust had settled on our morning it was 1 or 2 in the afternoon and I had skipped breakfast but I had 10 Wahoo to my name (keeping only my limit) with 1 donated to the galley. I caught 8 on the bomb and 2 on the troll. After 108 or more Wahoo we decided to catch the remainder of our Yellowtail limits, and since I didn't need anymore and my arms were fried from the Wahoo on my long rods I opted to screw around. (for a cool perspective check out my purple marauder as I was wiring it up and then compare it to the pic of it after our wahoo day) I decided to throw the popper on my small bass gear and catch yellow after yellow on the popper while watching marlin and a big whale shark swim around the boat. After giving away and releasing yellows i decide to try the dropper loop again and on my second drop I think i'm rocked. I wind on it and it begins to move so I winch it in and am rewarded with a Grouper for the efforts... I am eating good baby!!!! After that the fishing died down a little, with that probably my best single day of fishing in my life had come to an end.








Day 5:
Well I again overslept and when I woke up I guess we had had a short snap on seabass during the early greylight and the boat caught 13 fish. I fish for them a lot of here in Santa Barbara so I wasn't too pissed I missed it, but a few guys scored and maybe even one person got their first seabass if i remember correctly. After that we picked away at the yellows until we had our limits then Roy announced that we would start heading back up the line to fish the YFT up the beach on our last day so off we went. PS from this point on I kinda screwed up and didn't take many pictures... sorry.

Day 6: We broke down all our bigger gear and travelled all day to reach the tuna grounds the following morning. we had a few stops on some smaller kelps and caught a Dorado or two. Nothing incredibly eventful, just a classic travel day filled with great sights, movies and bullshitting with the boys. Oh but I did lose some money in a boat poker game, all in good fun.

Day 7: As greylight came so did the Tuna! We were in an area off of San Martin island with a few of the other San Diego overnight crowd. We were fishing puddlers and shiners of 10-15lb yft. The fish were odd and would come full speed at the boat in the prop wash, boil on the sardine chum, bite full speed for a minute or two then sink out. We rinsed and repeated this process throughout the morning until the fish sunk out and we headed for home. When all was said and done I had 7 yft and even caught 2 on the popper. (BTW one of the coolest bites ever, multiple schoolie yft sending my popper spinning through the air as they got airborne trying to eat it!). With that over we headed up the line slowly while we had our final meal on the boat, took down our gear and got ready for the journey back to San Diego. I sat up with Roy and talked fishing on the ride home which was great. We arrived at the dock the next morning and offloaded the fish. I said my goodbyes to everyone on the boat and the incredible crew (Jonathan, Roy, Ed, Doug, Brett, Joe, Mark and Darren. These guys were top notch and I would love to fish with any of them and all of them again). I have nothing but the highest praises to give the Royal Polaris and Roy and the helm. I will be back as soon as I can and I just want to thank everyone on the boat, crew and not for helping me when I had a question and for putting up with my joking. I also want to thank all of you guys on BD for giving me advice and even gear (Thanks Gary you are the best!). The long range family is so tight knit and I couldn't be happier to be joining the family by going on more trips in the future.





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Jun 9, 2010
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Awesome report, I know how much work it is to do a solid report, but fun to reread to get you stoked about the next trip! Yup, like so many of us you are now hooked. We have fished the Intrepid and the Excel. Need to do a trip on the RP.
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Mar 31, 2003
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Thanks for the write up. Nice report. It's very easy to get hooked on long range fishing, especially with a first trip like yours. I had a similar first trip 15 years or so ago, no wahoo but great yft fishing. Keep it up. I wish I would have been able to start when I was younger.
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  • Apr 11, 2007
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    Great report! My first trip was a Hi's 10 day with Roy on the RP. We had a great time too and killed the fish.
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    Apr 26, 2007
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    Now thats a report!!! Thanks for posting it. Great writing and photos. You did number on those hoos, very notable to get 100 of them in day so thats awesome!
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    Mar 18, 2011
    Royal Polaris
    Great report and thanks for sharing the pics! I can't wait to fish with Roy Rose at the end of this month!
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  • Dec 5, 2007
    Santa Cruz
    Great report and trip! Looks like you kept your eyes open and capitolized on near all oppertunities In 5 years time you will be amazed at the amount of gear you have amassed.
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    Mar 20, 2008
    Carmel, CA
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    Yep, them yellows on the Ridge will wear you out. :)

    Sore arms from Wahoo...life is rough! LOL

    Thanks for the report.

    ps Stupid Poppers! :D
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    Steve K

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    Jan 2, 2005
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    Thanks, Matthew. Great fishing on the Skinniest, and no, it's not always like that. Youn conked the Yellows,

    Thanks for the report, keeps the heart pounding, juices flowing.
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    Jul 1, 2008
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    Congratulations on a great trip and welcome to our world. I really enjoyed your enthusiasm ! Awesome report!!
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    Aug 8, 2011
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    Great report! It looks like that lure went into a food processor... oh wait, it sort of did! All in all, it sounds like a great trip, especially with the skins (that doesn't happen too often). Heading out for a 6 day in 2 months, can't wait!
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    jeff savage

    Nov 29, 2014
    Mr. Savage
    Super stoked for you! I started LR last year and, at the risk of sounding dramatic, it was life changing. The cool thing is that I know that you know what I mean! I'm on the Intrepid in less than two weeks now, and your report just got me pumped! Thank you.
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    Mar 23, 2011
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    Congratulations on your 1st successful trip and thanks for the detailed report. I have done a few LR trips but even today it always feels like my 1st one. I thought I had enough under my belt, but the sensation is like my first field trip. Leaving on a 5 days on the Shogun end of this month, and I can't go to sleep already.
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