Hi Kai - 3/13/2023

russell kato

Jul 24, 2009
Honolulu, HI
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15' Arima - Kamoku
Well guys, I am officially back at work while being out for 5 months recuperating from hip replacement surgery. While recuperating, I had the oppportunity to do some “light” bottom Fishing and started “light trolling” from January. Although the action has been quite slow I was fortunate to catch some mahimahIs in January. The winds finally calmed down this past week so I decided to head out of Hawaii Kai and try to catch some fish to eat. The parking lot at 5:45 am was empty and I was the 4th trailer in the lot. Should have figured that the fishing hasn‘t been to great but too late…what the heck chance em anyway! Trolling between the 30 and 40 fathom near Sandy beach I took a double strike but only one stuck and was able to bring up a 20lb Ono. Alright! The pressure was off..no whitewash! Trolled all the way to Rabbitt Island with no strikes so I headed toward the Banks in hopes of finding something. Ran the 40 fathom from the big corner of the Banks to the 2nd knuckle with no action and just when I made my turn back out to the channel my port outrigger came down and picked up a 20lb bigeye shibi! Run Back to Hawaii Kai harbor was uneventful and got in around 3:00pm. In addition to doing some fishing, during my 1st week back at work I dropped a crab trap and was lucky enough to get my fist Samoan crab for 2023 which tipped the scales at 5lbs! It’s kind of early in the year but 2023 is starting to shape up to be a decent year for me!





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Sep 20, 2007
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Mr. K.,
Good goin' on your ocean therapy, nothing like it. And good nutrition on top of it...

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