Here....a Fish Report!

May 13, 2004
Long Beach and points due west
Bob Ballew
2520 Parker with twin 200 Yamahas
...Despite buckets of rain, my kid and his crew made an offshore run on a 2-dayer...He stopped by to borrow Fifty bucks to buy ice and borrow My new deck boots, since His were still soaking wet from a Catalina run this week. Finally (see below), electing to pass Catalina in an effort to avoid any possible virus transfer to islanders, (going ashore for any reason, including an emergency), they headed for San Nic and Santa Barbara islands despite the bad weather reports..( Note: I took a lot of heat on the diving site for daring to post info on a Catalina trip the kid made, despite my advice to stay on shore).
... As lock-down stress builds, there is no shortage of self-ordained critics on our sites...But, like, "The Bachelor", it makes for good drama....:) The fishing for rockfish at Nic was good...until...the Coast Guard contacted them on vhf and advised they had to move 15 miles off the island...?? No explanation...just move out..Thought it odd that the military didn't make the radio contact themselves?....The military guys must all be hunkered down in the island bar...Fortunately, they had some fish on board by then, and headed for Santa Barbara island in pouring rain; hey, I don't tell the kid what to do, I just stay dry and post the info...
...At Santa Barbara island, they found yellowtail up, feeding on sardines and had some luck. They made it back alive and at this moment, the kid is in My kitchen, smelling it up with fish filets, while using My Foodsaver bags to seal up fish that will mostly go to His friends. When I complained to the Good Wife about his decision making, she just said, "Like father, like son"...…;(
...The virus actually has some positives: Fresher air than we have ever had due to people staying home; more time with family (I guess), 100 mph travel on the freeways that are wide open; a free government handout (the check is in the mail, yeah right), a united government response to something for a change and some actual money trickling down to the peasants rather than million dollar bonuses that were handed out to the wall street assholes during the last recession...
...So, stay positive...the virus is just one more blip on the radar of life...Like the cop said to the gangster in, "Scarface"...…….Any day you are above ground, is a good day!......

...Oh goodie, the Ralph's ad just covered my post and I see shrimp is still on sale!..Another positive.....:)

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Apr 25, 2003
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Cory Visser
Too cool! Too bad no Pic's? How big were the Tails? Nice adventure for young'ns.
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    I just want to go fishing. Fuck the political bullshit on both sides. Glad someone got out!
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    Good post. Send me the price on those Ralph’s shrimp! I can’t find the ad. !!
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