Help: Ways to rig a Yummy Flyer?


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Apr 3, 2008
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I'm getting ready to go out on a 16-day trip, and as always, I have been looking hard to see what is working in the cattle pasture recently. This will be my fourth trip way down South. My first two trips, the tactics were described as essentially standard: flylining sardines and (under the right circumstances) salamis was what got bit. Last year was different. The tuna were feeding almost exclusively at night and deep. What they wanted was (by and large) puffer fish, though they ate sardines too. To be ready for my trip, I bought many pounds of sinkers...and they didn't turn out to be enough.

This year conditions are different again. The mix of bait is very different, and what the tuna have been eating (at least very recently) are flying fish. People have done really well with live or dead flyers, but also have had luck using Yummy Flyers. I am planning to bring a package or two of the Yummies, but I want to make sure I know the correct way(s) to rig them.

The three ways that I have heard include:

* Drifting a Yummy Flyer back in the current along the surface until it is well away from the boat, then retrieving fast with a series of jerks. I understand that this is the technique anglers use at night in the Gulf of Mexico.

* Dragging a rigged yummy behind the boat on the troll. I saw Kurt Wisenhutter do this last year at the Hurricane Bank, and watched him catch a 220lb tuna just like that.

* Dragging a Yummy Flyer along the surface under a kite or a balloon. Excel actually "trols the kite" this way. I caught a 180lb tuna last year on a kite rotation, trolling a Yummy. But I understand that you can also float a Yummy Flyer under a helium balloon and it functions the same way.

I know that there have been threads about rigging Yummy Flyers in the past, but the only one I have found, the photos are lost, and there is no clear description of the right way to do it. Can anyone please help me? I need to know what hooks to use, what line, and how to do it.

Thanks in advance!


Feb 11, 2007
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I will just ship you out the ones I have rigged already. Fish proven. Rigged by Jason Fleck!!


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Dec 1, 2005
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Jim the crew on the Indy knows how to rig them correctly. I like to use 11/0 - 12/0 Owner Jobu hooks 7691s of similar size work just as well. The crew on the Excel also uses a big strong treble hook as a trailer hook crimped thru the eye of the J hook, it trails just behind the tail of the yummy. The J hook is rubber banded on top of Yummy flyer. I use 4' of 300 lb test crimped to a good swivel for my leader. Talk to Tyler or Matt on the boat they will hook you up. They also use 36" helium balloons the same size they use on the kite.

I was on the Indy in Jan. it worked really well on the kite. The best way to fish is with a 36" helium ballon you can skip it in and out. Unfortunately helium prices have gone up so much they can not afford to do that anymore. It's a lot work but it works well on the kite, you can also just skip it way back behind the boat if you are trolling or looking around.

I would take the guy up on sending you one rigged by Jason from the Excel. They taught me how to rig it and fly it almost 10 years ago. It's my favorite thing to do on my long range trips.

One other little tip if you don't hook the fish move the yummy a little bit they will come right back to get it.

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Sep 7, 2004
Not sure if you want to try, but last year on the Shogun Cole rigged up a dead flyer with it wings pinned open. And then rubber banded a small balloon onto its back. Not a big round balloon, just a small skinny one where the fish will not be able to see it from underneath. We were able to get bit using this method when NOTHING else was working except the kite.
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Aug 31, 2005
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Yo Gary,

Please do not take the party Helium tank as it is one heck of a bad idea liability and safety wise and will probably be taken away should the crew find out about it. I suggest you contact both operations and ask them about it before considering bringing said helium tank. That said you have signed up for two amazing trips with two fantastic operations. I do not have to wish you good luck since you have signed up for these trips leaving little to chance. Well done sir.



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Apr 27, 2003
Ditto Jamie, they cannot allow us to bring our own helium tanks. Also, note helium is hard to get, sometimes they will charge you for each balloon filling.

Just a heads up.