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    I just got this from my friend Tami Noling. Bubba is one of the sport's most loved captains. I fished with him in the Dominican Republic, where he set a bunch of world records. He's fished all over the Caribbean and is just a great guy. Anyway, he needs some assistant... Below is Tami's letter.

    Dear Friends,

    I'm jumping in to action to help a friend & hoping you will too.

    Many of you know or "know of" Capt. Bubba Carter. He's been an icon in the sportfishing industry for many years. He's a dear friend to many and a very dear & long-time friend of mine.

    He's recently been running trips out of Los Suenos in Costa Rica. But last week he took a terrible fall when he stepped off the boat and seriously busted up his leg & had to be rushed to the hospital. He's got pieces & parts holding his leg together now.

    He's looking at big medical bills and a long & painful I'm asking my fellow Fish Heads to rally together & help our buddy out. He's not going to be able to work for quite some time...and he could really use our help.

    I created a website for him this morning you can go to and donate money. It's temporarily running thru the Bastante Tournament, LLC account until we get his Wells Fargo account in Florida linked up with PayPal. You don't have to have a PayPal account to make a can use any credit card :)

    I spoke with Capt. Terry Robinson (Tyson's Pride) early this morning & he said Bubba's in pretty bad shape. My heart just sank and I wanted to help in any way I possibly I called Terry's wife, Megan and we're now working together to try & get help as fast as we can. She has set up a fund-raising account for him in Florida.

    Please help if you can...any little bit is greatly appreciated. I'll be sure he gets notice of each donation. And soon as he's up to it...he'll e-mail you back at the address provided when you make your donation to thank you for your help.

    God bless you all and God bless Capt. Bubba :)

    Sincere thanks,

    Tami Noling

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