Help a Brother out for a good cause


Aug 15, 2004
Soon to be the great State of Texas
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Hey guys

@ Panchovilla recently contacted me regarding another post of mine, and we got to converse.

He has taken on the task of supplying kids in Avalon, that live on the island, with rods, reels, etc.
This is not a 401C, rather a private benevolent action.

Since I have been clearing my garage in advance of moving out of state, I found some items Ron could use.
He just picked them up from me, and we had a long conversation.
Ron is the real deal. 82 years young and wanting to give back to our community.

I highly recommend him and his cause, and if you think you can help, please PM him, and he will send you a write up explaining the program.
He is running one program in June, and now trying for a second run in August.

I have no dog in this race, and neither of us, or any of his other contributors, gain anything but the satisfaction of a worthy cause.

Good luck Ron!

Carl, again many, many thanks for your extreme generosity and caring of the Avalon School Kids. Greatly appreciate your support and confidence in this project. I am planning on making my first delivery of 100 rods, reels with fresh line, terminal tackle, and a bag with swag on June 12.
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