Offshore Heartbreak at "182" 8-27


Nov 21, 2003
19 Boston Whaler Nantucket
Son in law and I heard about the great yft bite grtting started on the 9 mi bank, but only had a handful of mini macs in the tank and heard it was all about chumming them up.
Decided to go west and look for foamers or kelps.
Water finally cleaning up near the Ridge and very warm 73° +.
Found a good kelp, BIG meter marks 25 feet down.
My son in law decides to switch out his little 1 oz Colt Sniper on his 40lb jig stick over to a flat fall.
Short story......................5 hours later after seeing it on the surface a few times and getting it within 30 feet of the boat, I put out a radio call for a cell ph relay to the wife and daughter, that we were going to be late.

Thank you Ocean Arrow for the relay.

Aghh! Finally at around 7:45 with the beast just camped out 100 ft straigh down........the knot broke.
I don't mean the knot failed, we brought the knot back in. The line actually going through the eye of the jig loop just wore out.
I could clearly see it was a tuna, just had to guess her size.

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