Offshore Healthy Mixed Bag before Dungie Opener

Mar 24, 2020
Moss Beach, CA
Boat Name
Went out on the Reel Affair 2.0 aka TankerCity on Friday out of Pillar Point with a few customers and had an awesome day!

First thing, I can’t speak highly enough about John - awesome customer service, amazing boat, and just an overall great dude! If you’re looking for a six pack that will put you on the fish and give you quality time on water vs wasting time traveling to and from the dock, he’s your guy.

Had a group of customers interested in getting out for a trip, asked John if there’s a way he’d squeeze us in before the crab opener, and he agreed.

We left the dock around 6:45 with a plan to load up on rockfish before targeting some lings and halibut. We did exactly that. Spent about 2 hours to land about 60 mixed rockfish including some big reds and olives. We then picked up and headed closer to shore to find sand dabs and other bait for our next drift. Took about another hour or two to fill the baitwell and off to target some bigger models.

We spent the next 3 hours or so drifting squid, jacksmelt and other live bait for 4 lings, 1 hali and even a dogfish shark! Headed in about 1 to watch deckhand Joe doe his magic w/ the filet knife.

Swell was minimal, almost not wind, kill bag was full and we were all stoked. Couldn’t have asked for a better trip! Just a few photos below.



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