HB Stones For a Mixed Bag 6-28


May 24, 2006
Huntington Beach
260 Mackinaw
Dan and I hit some of my "more productive" areas Saturday for a mixed bag on the squirts.

The water was clear blue, 70+ degrees, and the wind blew steady out of the West. The wind picked up slowly, increasing the wind swell until the motor well held water most of the time. The [email protected] can be pretty annoying on my little skiff and kept us from running late for our afternoon obligations.

At about 7:30pm we stopped at LBBC for a nice half scoop of squid and our first stop produced instant hookups. I made long drifts and hit multiple locations on each drift, sometimes resulting in double or triple hookups as well as the occasional farm job. The bite slowed by 10am and it was a slow pick from that point on.

I had to get home and light the coals for five baby back racks, so we had the boat back in the driveway by 12pm.

Most of the fish swam away, including a few baby rockfish, but we did keep a few for eating.

Tight Lines,

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Steve, Annette and Nicholas on the "Super Netter" 1902WA