hb 4-29-19

Discussion in 'Surf Fishing Reports' started by Surfergrom2, May 1, 2019.

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    Huntington beach
    Max Vandermeulen
    Boston whaler 17' sakonnet
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    Fished from sunset to dark on the state side of Huntington Beach. Managed to get 2 corbina around 12" and 2 surf perch that were 10". Friend got 1 corbina and 1 perch both same size. Thousands of micro size sand crab, hopefully they come back strong this year. Still have yet to land a big corbina and am waiting for that opportunity. They a very challenging fish, but thats the fun part.
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    Chris Lund
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    Thanks for the update. I fished San Clemente St beach yesterday morning using lug worms for two small leopard sharks and a couple of perch. What bait worked for your corbina?

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