Have to vent!


Jun 30, 2009
Lynnwood, Anacortes WA
'95 Bayliner Ciera Sunbridge 2655
Sounds like middle finger overkill.

Haven't used a saltwater ramp in a long time but remember bottoming out in my Bayliner 2655 at low tides at WA Pk. Longest wait at any ramp was at Swinomish Twin Bridges when the guy ahead of us is pulling his boat out and the winch fails and the boat lands on the ramp, smashing his outboard. Took forever to get the boat back on the trailer. Two times I docked to find a drum brake siezed up and spent about a half hour taking the wheel off and releasing it. Luckily, both times at Mukilteo, once alone and once with the wife, it wasn't busy. After running with the two brakes left for awhile I had the system replaced and have only used slings for saltwater since, except once at Narrows Marina when I was led to believe their sling would handle my boat. Now I just sling at Edmonds or Skyline and use the ramp at Magnusson.


Run what ya Brung
May 20, 2012
18' aluminum
My bad wade, at a glance I assumed weldcraft. Im not trying to ride you, just trying to clue you in to how things are done at Washington.I would assume the first guy to start your new system of launch priority was some asshole from Bellevue up for the weekend with a me first mentality. I would have also assumed the old boy had launched there many times and just couldn't take watching the townies take over, still his actions weren't justified. If your that mad its time to get out of your truck and talk about it maybe if he handled it differently you would have learned something and maybe he would have thought what a respectable young man. As you do seem like a person that cuts the elders some slack and don't feel the need to be a bitch about something that didn't hurt you. Being that you were Stanwood raised and a blue collar worker then he would have had to been doing at least 30 to phase you.:rofl:Some of the honry old timers from Skagit and north Snohomish county are my favorite people in the world so Im quick to come to their defense. See you around.