Hana Bata Days Finally Back on the Water

Hana Bata Days

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Dec 5, 2009
Kaneohe, HI
Hana Bata Days-26 Yellow Fin
I have been working on the boat since January and finally finished up last week. Took a half day trip just to make sure we did everything right. Had 1 screamer but came off. All seemed good though. Tuesday decided to make a full day trip. Headed out in the dark aiming for area I had heard had some fish. 7 miles and all electronics go out. Oh well not turning around we are finally out on the water. Once it gets light drop lines and keep heading to the area I think. After about an hour have a good hookup. Fight to the boat thinking Abi since was down. Finally comes to side of the boat and see a Big Donkey. Not what we were looking for. Grab the leader and see way too green, makes a couple of jumps at the side of the boat and throws hook. Set back up and head out. Nothing too exciting so start climbing up an in some hoping we find something. About 1 pm rigger slams down and reel sings. As we clear lines fish charges the boat, line was slack we thought we lost it. Throttle up as Jordon cranks as fast as he can finally feel tension, still on. Bring it up Jordon sinks the gaff in and over the gunnel on the deck. Clean up drive around a little more but no bites. Head in happy and ready for another trip soon. I guess we are still getting lucky. Get wet and run them over. If you aren't wet you aren't fishing!


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Sep 20, 2007
32' Blackfin "Kai Nana"
Jordon and Don,
Hope you figured out the electronics issue. Good goin' on the action and most importantly bloodying the decks. Super glad you are back on the water!!!