Hammer Bombs For Fishing! What is it?

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Scuba Chris

  • May 17, 2016
    Kapolei, HI
    Christopher Takahashi
    Christina Ann
    Basically It's a Cast Assist Device For Casting The Shallows!

    I'm impressed with Bill Newton's Hammer Bombs. These weighted resin balls reminds me of the days drilling golf balls for screwing-in I-Bolts so we could cast our spinning whipping rigs. Bill's analogy covers all the benefits of using Hammer Bombs. I like using them for casting lures/grubs over shallow reefs to propelling light rigs past breakers to hopping sand channels. Using lead egg weights would sink to fast & you'd be forced to increase the retrieval speed to keep it off the reef. Means not many fish can chase the lures down.

    Currently the resin balls range from 3/4 - 21/2 ounces. You have the original weighted balls to the glowing & flashing ones. Now there's the "Unleaded" version with no internal lead. As a fellow entrepreneur i'm happy to buy locally made products from the USA. I've tried most of the weights, colors & styles except the Unleaded (which i got today from Bill). I'm not putting down egg floats or lead eggs. Different areas call for different techniques. Now with Hammer Bombs i can tackle most areas from rocky, reefy, sand, muddy, deep or shallow. And i'm buying American made (nothing wrong with other countries, being an American i try to support our economy is all).

    There are more pictures, videos & commentaries being generated by users of this unique product every month. Expect to see Hammer Bombs in most serious angler's arsenal & your favorite tackle shop.

    The HB can be combined with your favorite plugging/casting rig to fish almost every type of topography & depth. So far i've fished shallow reefs without getting snagged to dirty muddy bottoms. With the Flash Bombs you can attract predator fish at night and actually see where you're fishing in the darkness of night. There's an assortment of colors & weight to choose from. Much better then the golf balls w/the I-Bolt drilled in when we were kids. Will not crack like the bubble floats, as the name implies if you took a hammer to these balls they won't crack. You can even bounce them off the rocks!

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