Offshore Hamachi? Maguro?? nope...

Feb 27, 2019
Montauk -> Me shell
Quick report, albeit late, from Thursday 5/27. I worked the night shift Wed 7p-4a and where I'd normally stumble to my bed in exhaustion, the reports of local 100+ BF had me feeling quite alert in anticipation... soo I went home hooked up the skiff and headed for Dana with my jig sticks, spears and 1/2 scoop of deans. We got underway at 0545 headed SW 9, 302, 371 before we started seeing random jumpers... easily 80+ lbs but not schooling up or foaming, just seemed like single fish moving through up top. Drifted for a couple hours, checked about 8 paddies and nobody home. Paddies were smaller than or equal to pallet size, didn't seen any larger paddies like there were couple weeks back before the winds last weekend. Worked that zone for a couple hours with alternating trawling cedar plugs way back and trying to drop jigs on marks, lots of sport boats and private boats were hanging more down toward the 425. High tide was at 1120, so we stayed in that zone until 2 or so before turning back north. Stopped on several more empty paddies on way in about the time we were just west of north island heard guys at the 425 were seeing breezers. DANG!!! We should have stayed 1 more hour... next time I'll be home late for dinnah honey :) Got a bigger red dropping squid at lower 9 on some marks.. it was ~4lbs. Fed the whole family last night pretty stoked on that. All in all drove 95 miles, farthest I've ever taken my 170 montauk. It was insane glassy down south in the middle of the day so beautiful water is Fijian blue 100 ft of vis. NW winds on way in made for a wet and uncomfortable ride home. But then again I burned 16 gal of gas for the whole day.

Aight, hope you guys get some this weekend. Bless y'all-

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