Halco Max work


I only wishes to catch some fishes...
May 14, 2009
San Diego/Tacoma USA
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Limited load cattle car
Dang it! Been using those lures for a long time. Scored a good deal on a handful about 3 seasons ago when Mark was clearing stuff out at the SD Charkbait store before he closed her down. I really like casting the Max 110 and 130. Anglers on the boat and even deckhands look and say: "Uhh, that's a TROLLING lure?!?". Then I proceed to catch a few nice ones up in the bow by launching it really far and minds are changed. 😁 Inevitable someone would post how well they've been catching fish over the years. Will easily work now for these BFT. (Finicky fish as we know) Trolling a slimmer profile lure like the Max can be the difference between bringing home the meat and not the skunk. 🐟 Excuse me whilst I open a new window and scoop up a few more before I start seeing them on EBay for only 4 low bi-weekly payment installments...😂
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