Islands Had to start the season !


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May 8, 2006
So cal
Boat Name
18.5 Wahoo cc , Evinrude Etec V6 135 HO
F1995F11-551C-4384-853E-B228F703C41E.jpegE2DAF07B-7EF0-4EBE-A32F-48B65970C3ED.jpegEnough waiting for summer weather. Which might never come at this rate. We had a great weather window of calm so I planned a Channel island halibut trip. I needed to get my routine back for the season so we went. We launched from Channel Islands . It was a little bumpy on the way out and with a scoop of healthy chovies I took it easy not beating the bait up. We hit Cruz and the plan was to hit the beaches looking for halibut ! There was a recent grunion run so I would start a shallow drift. We pinned on our great healthy choves and deployed my trolling motor. Hopefully we can find schools of bait. It didn’t take long . We found a spot with Nice schools of bait with hungry halibut ready to ambush. I got raked but no cigar. We circled back to the zone and my buddy’s rod loads up. We’re on ! We see flashes wsb ? It looks big , no it’s target specie . 23lb Halibut yes ! We spent most of the morning at the same spot getting 2 more. We looked around for wsb for a bit but conditions weren’t good with a mild red tide and no current and cold water. We called it a day around 1. Total 3 nice fish and a perfect start to my season.


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Dec 18, 2005
So Cal
Boat Name
21' skiff and 12' portabote recycled from milk jugs
Great job!
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