Guess I can't complain...

John Stidman

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Apr 29, 2018
Baketsfield ca
John Stidman
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26ft seaswirl striper,24 ft trophy walkaround,24ft glasply flybridge.
Welp..I went to pick up a okuma PCH-C 741xxxh 80-130 in mint condition fir $180..I neededxa rod for my new penn visx30 I recently got. Uc 76 viper is goal. But for that price I couldn't pass. 30 mile drive, wait an our with no response and no shown 30 miles back home with nada. The guy apologized, had personal reasons that I could understand is what it is. Saud he would bring it to me if interested still in day or so. We'll he not only brought it to me, he knocked off another $30 and gave me a box full of brand new home made lead heads and rubber thingys to go with them. So I got a nice rod and box of jigs for $150. I guess I can't complain. Now I can really feel comfy and confident on getting a triple digit bf landed. I'm sure my fathom 40nld2 on okuma PCH-C 741xxh 60-100 could easily do it. But now got its big brother. I honestly like the feel of these okuma PCH-C rods.






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  • Aug 14, 2012
    San Fransisco,CA USA
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    Good for you John.... I think the Fish GODS and Karma are setting you up for that Cow BFT.... you've been searching for. Funny how things can work that way. Good luck Brother. By the way... all of those colors and heads work well when rigged properly.
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