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  • Aug 14, 2012
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    Mike IS the man.... day in and day out. Consistency says allot to me.... when deciding who to fish with. Part of a Skippers job.... is "analyzing" the ever changing conditions.... and adjusting "on the fly". When that skipper has thousands of days on the water.... he seen MANY things.... circumstances.... conditions... little clues.... that even the most skilled anglers might miss.

    Playing your strong "hunches".... leads to many additional hookups.... for your customers as well. Sometimes.... it's SOOOO simple!

    HE SAW..... He suggested...... YOU LISTENED.... YOU GOT FISH!!

    Nice post and picts brother! Congrats.
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    Dec 11, 2003
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    Brad Baron
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    Lupe and chunking.

    Mike Lackey of the Vagabond walked over and suggested I get my EX50 with a giant circle and join him in chunking. He is a great teacher and a great skipper. I managed to let my chunk sink perfectly the first time and not tangle others fishing bait. That was my first goal. The second time I was absentmindedly letting out line when all hell broke loose. My rod which was vertical and supported by a trolling strap was now horizontal and my hands naturally grabbed in both the right places and eased the drag lever to 20#. I am told that my expression during the initial bite was hilarious but not idiotic. It was a substantial fish and it was angry at that large circle hook. Just like that, I was a complete fan of chunking. After a screaming run I pushed the drag to strike around 33 pounds and caught the fish. I had lost two earlier fish to the taxman and over aggressive drag pressure in shark waters. This one I caught. Thanks Andrew “fluffy” for the assist. Thanks Mike as always for your kindness.

    The taxman himself.

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    Rad story. Well done

    My first chunk drop ever (besides alios squid donuts) . At HB. I used 3 greenback mackerel chunks. Was educated that oily chunks (skipjack and greenback mackerel) produce for a hooked chunk bait. Long scent trail

    I was not comfortable with 50 size reels yet, with lever drag. Before mini 2 speeds. I sent down the chunk and got bit.

    Thought I put the reel in gear but I was barely engaged. I'm grinding on the reel but no line was coming on. Deck crew asked what I have. I said, "junk". Then 2 other fishes next to me got bit on chunk and their line started smoking. I looked down at my reel and realized I had 1 pound of drag. I slid the lever forward and arrrrrggghhhh zzzzzzzz haha


    Fish before was a 170lb on a Raider. First cast ever at HB
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    Aug 5, 2009
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    Yeah, that last trip to the island was my first time chunk fishing and I really enjoyed it. I got down below all the topliners and it was fishing for a 200 pound bluegill - haha. Drop the bait and watch your line. And, sure enough, after a minute or two that line would start cruising as the tuna had casually sucked up the chunk and was heading north. It was really fun.
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