Inshore Green buoy quick report - no cuda yet on 5/15


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Jul 12, 2017
Altadena, CA
Bob Nigbor
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Freedom Boat Club
Fished the Green Buoy area yesterday 5/15 from 8-11am. Lots of life - bait fish & bass in the water column, a couple sea lions playing with self-caught fish, a few birds waiting for the frenzy. Water was 63 degrees, overcast and drizzling.

No other boats except the &^^&*^*&( gill netter's black boat and flags.

Caught 12 bass (11 calicos) on Kman plastics. There's a lot of kelp on the rocks/wrecks in 80-100', lost a few rigs but caught bass in the kelp. I'll try weedless next time.

I trolled a hoochy at 5-6 kts for a peaceful coffee hour to see if barracuda or bonito were the area. Lots of macs, nothing else.

Conditions are ripe, should be anytime!


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Feb 2, 2010
So Cal
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Thanks for the report. It's a shame that the gillnetters have fell in love with the green buoy area. Seems like they must be netting some WSB there since they hit that area on daily basis and WSB is their target species from what I have read. Green buoy area is one of the few local spots where one might have a chance at an exotic, makes sense that the netters are there. I know I should just shut up and
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