Offshore Great YFT fishing 11/15

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Apr 28, 2012
Oceanside, Ca
Triumph 17' CC, Seapro 190wa
Fished yesterday with my friends Taylor and JT on JT's 22' cabo. Plan was to find the bluefin and fly the kite/yummy or helium/flying fish. We brought all of our big gear and planned to stay the night at drift while fishing flatfalls, etc., too.

Launched from shelter island at 4am and picked up a scoop of small sardines. Headed to our numbers in way sportier conditions than were anticipated, and within 20 minutes I was soaking wet as there was nowhere to get out of the spray. I had slickers on but my fish works jacket, which is supposedly waterproof, is not at all. I'll never depend on it as anything more than a windbreaker from now on. Miserable and cold and wet, enduring a seriously bumpy ride, I was not looking forward to staying out for 2 days in this.

We finally get to our zone and decide to put out the yummy. We were also dragging a spreader bar and a huge cedar plug. JT and Taylor were talking about how the cedar plug never produces for them and wham! It gets bit. Nice yellowfin hits the deck. Get it back out and 10 minutes later we're on again, another 25ish lb yellowfin. Not what we're looking for but they're a good grade so we drop baits and chum ones and two's and get picked up. School stayed with us all day as we proceeded to fill the big cooler and giant killbag with very nice grade of yellowfin, with one fish pushing 45ish lbs. Much better grade than what I was catching on the liberty on Tuesday.

I started with 30lb fluoro and #4 hooks, but Taylor was getting bit on 40lb so I threw out my 50lb outfit but still with #4 mutu circle, and they chewed the 50 just fine. As others have mentioned recently, the birds were absolutely relentless and it was seagulls, not cormorants. if you could get a bait out without getting picked up by a bird, you were bit.

Conditions got a little better throughout the day but never laid down enough for us to think it wise to stay the night, plus we were out of ice and bait and had no more room in the killbag, so we called it and made the long trek back, getting into the bay around 9pm.

I would give out numbers but we were not on my boat and they weren't my numbers, but I will say we were never close to any private boaters, but there were some sporties off in the distance. I will also say that the yellowfin are spread pretty far out, and we were in US waters.

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    way to go and thanks for the report
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    Something about being wet will dampen :Dthe spirit of staying overnight.

    You guys did good!
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