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May 2, 2007
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Left out of Oceanside on Monday for the annual trip with my very talented musical friends. We pick up a full scoop of bait at the receiver and head towards the 181. Last year they caught there first yellowtail and I talked them into trying tuna fishing this year. My boat has had an oil issue lately and would go into safety mode and only go 2800 rpms due to oil cooler issues I later found out. I have a new one on order, so I just changed the oil and it ran fine, for the first ten miles, then kicked back to trolling speed. Oh well, rather than call it short, we decide to troll out to the 181 anyway.

I put out the kite and balloon set up as there was very little wind. Got the yummy flyer going and its skipping across the water like a champ. Just for a goof, I put out a cedar plug. We troll for an hour with no luck. My friends have never caught a tuna before, so I was telling them its hours of boredom followed up by minutes of sheer terror. We got the boring part down and they decide to crawl in the cabin and hit the beanbag chairs as we all had a late night.

About twenty minutes later, I see some birds working ahead of us and troll in that direction. I glance at the meter and see some marks. I look back behind us and see a large explosion on the cedar plug and line is screaming off. Game on! I yell for Gregory and Masha to get up as we are losing line fast. I push the drag lever to full and the finally, the fish slows down. I just put 500 yards of new line on that set up the week before and this fish took 450 yards of it before it turned.

I have Gregory get in the stand up harness and have Masha back down on the fish while I cleared the other lines. I get the flyer and the kite taken care of and now the fish has run to the front of the boat and I take over for Masha and head that direction. We gain half the line back and then the fish sounds and goes straight down. Gregory is on if for thirty minute getting worked and he passes the rod to me. I take over and can’t move this thing, but keep the pressure on. Ten minutes later, I am able to start gaining some line back. I work it to about a hundred feet down and it won’t budge from there. Twenty minutes later, I hand the rod back to Gregory to pull on it.

Gregory kept pressure on it and it starts coming up. We get it doing circles under the boat and this baboon with two clubbed feet somehow managed to hit the eyeball to eyeball gaff shot. Gregory gets the other gaff out and pulls the tail up to the surface and Masha gets the tail rope on it. It took all three of us to lift it into the boat. We got it! High fives and hugs all around. Victory beers ensued and ten am. We decided to troll back as the motor was limiting us and to look for yellowtail. We didn’t find any, but we didn’t care.

Rod was a Calstar graphfighter, five foot stand up rod, Shimano TLD 50 reel with 60 lb mono (I am going to put 80lb on it), lure was an old school cedar plug. Felt very under gunned on this fish.

Location: Give or take twenty miles off the beach due west from Del Mar, but there probably all over. Water temp was 70.1.

Go get em!


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  • Feb 19, 2008
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    How bitchen is that??!!! Is that Gregory? I don't see the clubbed feet8-)
    Good job on a toad!!!
    That's my smiling happy grunting face. The new boots help with the club feet. When not chasing fish, Gregory can be found behind the mic when Queen Nation comes to a venue near you and rocks the house down! Masha will be found behind the lead guitar when the Ragdolls (Areosmith Tribute band)
    are playing.
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    Jul 26, 2007
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    Good to have mates that can drive and turn the handle both. Terrific catch! And like simmo13 hinted, probably want to maximize line capacity. Maybe put some braid on it and you can stick a piece of 80-100 pound or whatever on top.

    Good fishin'!
    BDC OK
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    Hey! You got any frozen ice?
  • Jul 28, 2012
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    Well , Looks like we have made new Tuna anglers out of Marsha and Gregory.
    Beautiful fish on the cedar.
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  • May 27, 2015
    Nice catch well done great report thank you!
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