Islands Grande 4-16 Coronados -


Feb 16, 2018
Spaghetti Madness
Went on the Grande with my brother yesterday. Only 15 people made for a comfortable day. The yellows we were after were a no show for the day so rockfish was on the menu.

Drifted a few different spots for smattering of assorted rockfish. Mostly Salmon pooper and Green Spot. A couple nice Reds, Stary’s and Whitefish. After a few hours of this we went on the search for yellowtail but never found any that wanted to play or even react to the chum.


Was very nice to be able to shoot the beeeze with the captains and crew whom were on point with such a light crowd. Food was good. Weather was a little crossed up but was great from 9-1.

Not the quarry we were hoping for, but had a great time. Nice to finally get out for something other than local action.

Forgot to add, water was 62 and pretty clean on the outside, dirtier as you approached the islands, with Red Tide streaks on the inside. Hopefully it cleans up.
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