GRAFTECH/AVET 8 day report

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Feb 12, 2011
Fresno, CA
David Rouse
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Long range fishing
Well sometimes things don't go as we expected to go. On July 13th everyone is inline chomping at the bit to get the green light and the red shirts to start pushing our dock carts down and load the boat. Well this time that did not happen. Early on we heard that the generator needed a part and we would have a late departure. Some questioned how late and rumors were saying maybe 1 or 2PM. After they had the mechanic replace the part bad news come out that a second part a very easy fix would be needed however the part had to be flown in. Soon one of the owners came and had everyone rally around and gave us the news. The boat would not be going out today as planned. The owner says here is what we can do for you. Everyone can spend the night on the boat and I will give everyone a $500.00 to spend at Mitch's seafood restaurant at the top of the dock. Get yourself a beer or anything you want just show your badge and it will be billed to the boat. Also We all making this a 7 day trip now so I want to give everyone a refund depending on how long it takes to fix this boat. We departed the next afternoon and the owner wanted to thank everyone for hanging in there and sometimes boats breakdown and the boats fixed and everyone will be on there way very soon. I also want to give everyone an $800.00 credit off the trip just talk with the office when you guy's get back. Ok we are off on what I would call a 6.5 or close to a 7 day and I though the owners took very good care of us. We get a report that the ridge is wide open and the captain makes a bee line and before you know it everyone is hooked up and fighting smaller grade tuna. 12-18 pounds and it was fun while it lasted with anglers using light rods and small reels with 30 pound line. Some of the tuna were a bit bigger but not many. Ok we are limited out in less than a day on the tuna. Captain says it's yellowtail we are going for tomorrow so hook up your 40 pound outfit and have a 50 for jigs and an 80-100 for dropper lupe. Soon we are pulling on yellows in the 15-20 pound range with some going smaller and some going much larger. They ate anything and everything. Surface Iron -6X jigs- flyline bait and the good old dropper lupe. I myself was fishing a JRI mint green surface and getting wacked almost every cast. After we had limits of yellowtail it was time to take a drive to our next place. We had a rare opportunity to fish Halibut and everyone got into the action and everyone went home with a flatty. Now before I forget the captain told us save some numbers for other fish. Don't tag yourself out of the game so everyone had about 5-8 numbers to fill. Smart move on the captains take. After making sure everyone got what they wanted we were on to another place. This time the captain had a plan to fish Sea Bass. Now as long as I have been fishing long range we don't really fish Sea Bass much. I have before in the past but one guy maybe two get one. Well guess what it was Sea Bass at the chew. That's right everyone got a Sea Bass and some guys has a few. They were biting both jigs and bait with a small sliding sinker... maybe 1/2 ounce and that was really fun because I caught my first Sea Bass with much needed help from the boys that have done this before. To wrap it up I want to thank the Indy Crew and the Owners for taking great care of us. O and one more thing... my roommate Steve K for putting up with my taking in my sleep or should I be honest I yell in my sleep. Steve and I have done a few of these trips and it guys like him that make the trips super fun.










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  • Feb 13, 2006
    Camarillo, CA
    Tom Farrell
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    Wellcraft 22' W/A
    Wow! After a delayed start, you guys made the best of it! Great variety of species too!
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  • Jan 19, 2016
    Jed Venture
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    the twisted ducker
    Great variety pack!
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    steve k

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    Jan 2, 2005
    Steve null
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    18' Bayrunner, but I like the American Angler and the Red Rooster III
    Soda, some fun for sure! Why is it that your Halibut is white and others are brown? ;)

    As you all probably saw in the Jackpot results picture, winners were tied 1st and 2nd with 48# Yellowtail and 3rd was a 69# Broomtail Grouper

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  • Aug 11, 2006
    Costa Mesa
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    GREAT REPORT/PICS/READ Soda. Epic w/lunch.
    Talk about a VARIETY trip to die for in the end.
    Class act w/boat/landing. Had it happen to friends and I once. Gotta have those gen=sets
    working day and night! LOL. Glad it all worked out and everyone got a bunch of tasty fish! TC
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