Good karma luck Kind of lurking around us so I picked up the bait and drove overtonight



Feb 16, 2011
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Beautiful afternoon couldn’t help myself so left the harbor around four, At the bait barge picking up sardines spied a beautiful brand new 2020 ranger center console looked to be around 19 or 20 feet lurking so picked up bait and drove over to chat, Turns out he just bought the boat and only had one hoop on him had no idea where to go so had him follow to the grounds and gave some basic info, he was out there to learn his boat and try hooping for the first time, Didn’t get any up but I ended up with five for the night and got to pass on information that was given to me from a fellow Bd’r 4 years ago not to mention meet a new friend. Never understood these guys that are all private about shit, it’s a big ocean out there I believe in passing on info especially to newcomers and really appreciate it when someone gives the same respect!

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That’s super awesome. You are a good man. Somehow it’s become cool to be a dick out there and that ain’t cool at all. Way to buck what’s become a bullshit ‘system’. Thank you
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  • Sep 7, 2017
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    That’s super awesome. You are a good man. Somehow it’s become cool to be a dick out there and that ain’t cool at all. Way to buck what’s become a bullshit ‘system’. Thank you
    Were here for a good time not a long time and alot of guys my age “58” worked most of our lives away wishin we were fishin, Why not help a brother git bit?
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    Apr 28, 2004
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    Took a lot of trial and error and research on our end without any real help.

    I think there's trial and error in all aspects of life Derrick, my opinion of course, and hooping for Lobster is no different. I like to say good things come to those that wait, and as long as you've put in the effort for whatever good things will land on your doorstep, once again my opinion. Take my word, you'll get to that sweet-spot, and when you do it'll be like eating from your own garden, or smoking your own grown HERB (no I don't grow HERB), making your own moonshine (no don't make that either, but know a few locally that do and YEP it'll straighten you out), or putting the time in with your kids and you finally see them get 1st-place or a blue-ribbon or graduate from college, working on your own car/motorcycle/dune-buggy/PWC and then driving/riding them, or spending money you worked your ass off to earn however you earned (legally of course) and buying that whatever you've always wanted, like a new boat. Basically, when you do it yourself without any help you should get an elevated level of satisfaction. There's good people everywhere, sometimes you just have to work a little harder to uncover them, and there's kooks everywhere too so stay away from those PF'ers. Over the years I've been quite selective in whom I help with hooping for Lobster. You see some have nothing but personal and selfish intentions for their own self-righteous indulgence, yes stay away from them as they'll suck you dry, bleed you out, capiche? That said, shoot me an IM and ask away, good luck, and be safe out there. John.
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