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Mar 16, 2014
Laguna Niguel
I have Trinidad reels 16 and 16A

I did service them today by my self

It really surprise me when I dissembled both reel I would say the Trinidad 16 way better quality than the 16A, however I got the 16A just before the season. And I mainly use the 16 over the 16A.

The 16 gold more saltwater resistant compare to 16A and my 16A corroded really fast and I even have a chip inside the side plate because of the corrosion.

And thumb down for Shimano reel services in Irvine for the bad services. They don't take care of the reels and they don't replace bearings or any part if needed to replace it. I had a reel with really bad nose from the spool bearings I came back to let them rework on it and when I get from them again I still can hear bearings nose the guy said just put a line on it and you won't hear it!!!LOLLOLLOLLOL:D

Unfortunately, they get ride off the cast contol to make more $$ and stop make nice reels like the DC and 40N, and the white knob looks really ugly after few trips and its hard to clean.
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Apr 2, 2013
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cool that u do your own service...
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Sep 13, 2007
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The spool bearings are oil filled from the factory so they tend to be a little louder than the grease filled bearings we used on the gold reels. Send me a PM with your info so I can look up the repair. Our techs will replace what they decide is needed. They are the experts when it comes to Shimano reel repair as we see more than anyone else ever will. Now if you want parts replaced that do not need it, we can certainly do that. The bearings average around $10-12 each.

Corrosion is a direct result of lack of proper maintenance. It doesn't just happen on its own. Considering I cant see your reel I can only go off of what you have told me. A "chip" on the inside of the side plate is something we usually don't see unless someone has damaged it previously, or there was a flaw from the factory. The Trinidad A is a very tight tolerance reel with more bearings. This requires a little more maintenance because of it. Most of the problems I have seen were related to lack of maintenance. A light rinse after a day on the water will go a long way. A heavy rinse will just push the salt inside the reel.
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