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In faver of gillnets?

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    Anything is possible!

    When I was a kid, a boy was a boy. Today? A boy can be a girl, use the female locker room at the Y, beat all the by birth female athletes on the track and then get their college scholarships! Even the famous gay female tennis star will suffer a bully beat down if she says there is something wrong with that picture.

    And if that ain't amazing enough, a woman can have an adadictomy performed, marry another woman and adopt a child!

    Over four decades since the Boldt Decision, a lot of things that were sacred no longer are. Even a right given to ALL Americans (The Second Amendment) is under strong pressure by a large and loud contingent to modify or even eliminate it from the Constitution.

    If they (the Left) want to entertain that conversation along with so many others, they have to be open to all conversations.

    There strongest argument is that the world changes and all those who live here must change with it. Time to hold them to their values.
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    I totally agree and definitely not saying it won’t change someday.... I was more or less stating that I understood what Troy was saying.... It doesn’t mean you stop trying, but it won’t be a quick change....
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