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Discussion in 'East Coast Fishing Reports Forum' started by Chris Penning, Aug 2, 2017.

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    I got a text from a fishing buddy that had some intel on a chunk bite off of Ocean City, and wanted to know if I was up for a Tuesday trip. Since I haven't pulled on a fish this year, I jumped at the chance, especially since it was only going to be a 1 hour run.

    We got lines off by 4:30 and were on our spot by 5:30. We had our first hook within having lines in the water less than 30 secs shortly after sunrise. He pulled the hook pretty quickly, but we reset and figured we were in for another hook up quick like. However, that wasn't to be the case. We drifted for about an hour and a half, before we decided to set the pick on a little spot we had some intel on.

    In short order, we were hooked up on a good one. We were using pretty light gear for east coast standards -- 20 and 30 lb set ups with pretty light drag. Needless to say, gaining ground on a 40-50lb YFT doesn't come easy. We fought this fella for about 40 mins. At one point he was about 75 yards out on the surface just floundering. He was pretty exhausted. We decided cut loose from the anchor and back down on him. We got him about 10 ft from the stern, laying on the surface coming to us tail first. about 5 ft from the boat he turns and makes a run for the stern. I was just backing up a little to let the gaff man in, who swiped at him and missed and straight under the boat he runs, breaking off a good 60lber.

    None too happy, we reset and in short order we get a double hook up on what turn out to be a pair of 40lbers. From about 7:30 to 10:30 we had plenty of action. Doubles and triples, with a trio of mahi swimming down the starboard side into our stern where we managed to hook two of them right at the boat.

    Things shut down around 10:30 before picking up again at noon, where we had great action until about 3:30. I was completely wiped out by that point. I had one on for about 30-40 mins that kept making about 40 ft death spirals for about 20 of those minutes. He'd head up the starboard side and I'd get his head turned, but he'd swing under the boat. So I'd have to stick the road in the water and meet him on the port side, where he'd come within about 10 ft of the surface, then rinse, lather and repeat.

    We had about as many casualties as we managed to boat. We had a pair that got tangled together, and managed to saw one off at the boat just out of gaff range, and cut one off on the anchor line as well. But we worked together really well considering all the action we had. We managed a great save on one that got caught up in the trim tab, but popped up off the port side just inside gaff range.

    All in all it was a great day on the water, the kind we all live for. I'm beat to death, can barely use my left hand to boot. But don't kid yourself, if I got the call tomorrow.... IMG_2313.jpg IMG_3787.jpg IMG_0870.JPG-2.jpeg IMG_0873.JPG.jpeg
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    Nice chunk of fish..... ;)
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